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Cloud Gaming Write For Us 

Cloud Gaming Write For Us

Cloud video games are a concept similar to that of platforms such as Spotify or Netflix, but for video games. Companies are trying different approaches, but in almost all cases, the basis is always the same: play your favourite video games from the servers of the companies themselves instead of from your console or computer. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

The game you want to play will be hosted on a company’s servers, just like Spotify music or Netflix movies and series. Therefore, when you want to play, you will have to connect to those servers from your home, both with your controller or console and with your TV or PC screen.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work

The game in the cloud is an option that increasingly has more presence in our day to day. With services like Google’s Stadia, Microsoft’s iCloud, SONY’s PlayStation Now and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now fighting over their market position, it’s interesting to know how these services work and what Cloud Gaming consists of.

When we talk about cloud gaming, most people think of extremely powerful servers packed with state-of-the-art graphics cards that do all the work of rendering games, allowing users to enjoy great titles without having equipment with great graphic power. But is that the case?

Elements of Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming, therefore, needs three different elements:

Terminal: collects the player’s actions and sends them to the server over the network for the latter to interpret; it is also responsible for transmitting the image and sound information generated by the server to the terminal itself.

Server: the remote system that, from the actions performed by the player, executes the game, generates an image and sends it over the network.

Network: The server and the terminal need a network to communicate; however, we can have “Cloud Gaming” to a local network, and the operation is the same. As a Cloud Game, we are talking about a terminal-server connection through the Internet.

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Why Write For Us at Tech Support Reviews – Cloud Gaming Write For Us

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Guidelines of the Article – Cloud Gaming Write For Us

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