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It sounds a bit like a joke, but as soon as you buy a computer, it is already obsolete, and there is already a more advanced model with better features.

Until a few years ago, we had assumed that these incredible advances only affected the field of computing. More recently, we saw the same thing happen with mobile phones.

We have now reached a point where technology is a part of everything around us. And that means things are also changing in the world of household appliances.

A few decades ago, when you bought a washing machine or a fridge, you knew that if you had to change it a few years later, you would find the same models.

Perhaps with some aesthetic changes, maybe with some technical improvement. But we would never have imagined the incredible tech boom we are witnessing today.

And as an example, nothing better than taking a look at what this year that we have just begun has in store for us. A year, technologically fascinating.


We can already find intelligent washing machines that offer us more significant savings and help us perform the laundry in record time.

These washing machines with WiFi connections allow you to program them from your smartphone or contact the technical service if they detect a problem.

But now come the washing machines that, in addition to washing, disinfect.

They include an intelligent dispenser that adapts the amount of detergent depending on a load of clothes and the degree of dirt.

Or models that treat garments with ozone providing a high level of disinfection and absolute elimination of odors.


Panasonic has presented a range of appliances related to the connected home, among which stand-out devices such as a sake cooler that reads the bottle’s label.

Dishes to accompany it or a portable refrigerator that attends to our call and moves to where we are.

One of the most interesting is the first kitchen with a camera integrated into the hood connected to our smartphone.

At first glance, it may sound a little strange. But how many times have the contents of a boiling pot not been spilt on us because we have left the kitchen for a few minutes?

With this camera, we will always control what happens in our kitchens.


Artificial intelligence comes to air conditioners to increase their performance and efficiency. An example of this is LG’s ThinQ brand.

Its PuriCare model, with an advanced futuristic design, will feature an environment monitoring system that will activate the filtering system only when necessary.

It will detect our presence thanks to the spatial recognition of the environment and an intelligent human movement sensor adjusting the power of the airflow according to the distance.

We find it from the equipment. And its DUAL COOL model will use artificial intelligence to focus the jet of cold air on people in the room.

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