Important Tips to Note before Buying CBD Cat Treats

CBD products are fast becoming popular in the wellness industry and this is because of the several health benefits they offer. You will find that both humans and pets benefit from the consumption of this natural medication. If you are looking to treat your cat with CBD, then you may have to start with CBD treats.

CBD cat treats are cannabidiol-infused treats for cats. The key element (cannabidiol) offers numerous health benefits. When people learn that cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant, they are hesitant to buy it. However, CBD is completely safe for consumption as it lacks the psychotropic effect experienced in other cannabis-infused medications like THC.

Besides providing yumminess for cats, CBD treats are effective in the treatment of different pet illnesses. There are a number of cannabidiol products that are available for purchase in the market and this can make it difficult for one to choose the best brand. However, with a good guide handy, you can easily go for the best for your pet.

This article will discuss important considerations before buying cannabidiol treats for your cats.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Cannabidiol Cat Treats

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The following are some relevant factors to consider:

Consult with other Pet Owners

Seek advice from other pet owners. Your best bet will be to talk to those that administer CBD treats to their pets. Ask questions like: was it successful? Has your pet improved in any way? Their firsthand knowledge will assist you in making a decision. They may also recommend the brand they use. If it worked for their cats, it should work for yours as well.

Check Reputation

The CBD market isn’t completely regulated and this renders it vulnerable to fake products. We don’t want to put our pet’s life at risk. So, before you buy a product, ensure to conduct some research to confirm its safety for your cat.

Check with other cat owners to see if they’re familiar with the brand. Check out review websites to see whether they’re trustworthy. Customer reviews will assist you in making the best purchasing selection.

Check to see if the business has a website. If they do, pay attention to how they discuss CBD. Do they make an effort to educate their customers, or are they solely concerned with making money? All these tips should guide you in making a good decision.

Take into Account the CBD Type

There are three forms of cannabidiol. Knowing what each type entails might assist you in making the best choice. These are a few examples:

Full-spectrum: This variety contains the extract from the entire cannabis plant (flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids).

Broad-spectrum: This is a full-spectrum product that does not contain THC extract.

Isolates: These are CBD isolates that include no additional extracts.

Full-spectrum is considered the most effective as it contains all the vital health extracts. You can also read this article for a detailed explanation of cannabidiol types.

Method of Extraction

Cannabidiol can be extracted in two ways – Solvent and carbon dioxide extraction.

Solvent extraction is easy and affordable. It is, however, potentially harmful as the solvent residues may contaminate the extracts. The quality of the extracts may reduce as a result of this. When swallowed, it can also cause harm to the body.

Carbon dioxide extraction, on the other hand, is the best and safest way of extracting cannabidiol. This procedure allows for the production of only high-quality CBD extracts.

Where Was It Grown?

It’s crucial to think about how cannabis is grown. The quality of extracts is greatly influenced by the soil in which it grows. The soil in the United States is ideal for growing high-quality cannabis. Cannabidiol experts recommend buying from companies that grow their cannabis in the United States. The farmers in the country use stringent farming procedures, so you can be sure you’re buying cannabidiol products that are completely free of toxins.


Generally, cannabidiol treats don’t come cheap because of the health benefits they serve. If you find a product that sells for a lower price than the competition, it may be of poor quality. Saving some money is good, especially if you have a budget. However, keep in mind that quality trumps price when health is involved.

Ingredient/ Composition

This list must be double-checked. Any treat containing cannabidiol must be 100 percent organic. As a result, double-check whether the product is composed entirely of natural substances. An extensive list indicates the presence of fillers or additives in the product. It is recommended that you only purchase a product with natural components listed on the label.

Verify the Certificate of Analysis

Cannabidiol products without a certificate of analysis should not be purchased. This is a laboratory report that identifies a product’s component. A third-party lab that is not affiliated with the brand in any form performs the lab test. Every brand is required to undertake a lab test for all its products.

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The success of CBD in the wellness industry has led to the introduction of several products, hence the need to be careful in choosing a product. The health of your pet is important and you certainly don’t want to buy something that will make it worse. Don’t buy products just because they’re cheap. Always consider quality when making a purchase.

We hope that you find the tips in this article useful. You can also check out other internet sources if you need more tips.


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