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Metaverse Write For Us – The metaverse is an immersive virtual environment representing the internet’s next evolution. Therefore, its goal is not only to be used by technology lovers but also by everyone who now uses the computer and mobile devices to meet new friends, order a bank transfer or order food at home: that is, everyone.

Between total and mixed virtual immersion

For users to feel that they are present in the virtual world, they will have to wait for the second type, the 100% immersive metaverse, the total experience. The clearest example is the movie ‘Ready Player One, where everyone uses virtual reality glasses to live a parallel second life and act for themselves in a digital environment in which, as in the real one, they go out with their friends, interact with their favourite brands, manufacture objects and also play and get rewards.

In ‘Ready Player One, people can physically feel everything that happens to their avatars thanks to special costumes.  José Fuertes, founder and CEO of OWO, explained in the BBVA Open Innovation masterclass that this technology is already being developed.

This company has patented a haptic, or tactile, system that aims to bring the sense of touch to the virtual environment. “We have a mission to make it real by adding physical sensations,” Fuertes said. Thus, users of the metaverse can feel the rain, a hug, the blow to the foot when playing a soccer ball, or take an object and lift it.

Type of metaverse

The total immersion that this type of metaverse implies could also be its main disadvantage: the user will take it as an experience with a beginning and an end, from which, at some point, he will want to leave to resume his life in the real world.

For this reason, the type of metaverse with tremendous potential could be the one that integrates virtual reality and the physical world: it is the so-called mixed reality, which will allow interaction with natural objects within a virtual world or, conversely, reproducing virtual elements in existence.

Companies such as Microsoft or Apple are betting on mixed reality and are developing different glasses models. Martin-Blas believes that this will be the predominant type of metaverse in the future. “It will be more affordable to the user, simpler and easier to understand.”

One multiverse or many?

Interoperability could be guaranteed thanks to some projects in development that aim to function as large servers on which to host these future virtual environments. Behind this type of initiative hides the competition to dominate this new virtual environment.

The company that can generate that dominant platform where the different metaverses are hosted and supported will be the latest internet giant. A vision that Mark Zuckerberg has already had explains the reconversion of Facebook into Meta.

Time will tell if these platforms will normalize the metaverse model of ‘Ready Player One’ or if, on the contrary, a mixed reality that also takes into account the real world will triumph. The technological innovations of the successor to the internet have only just begun.

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