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 USB Hand Warmers Write For Us

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USB Hand Warmers Write For Us

USB Hand Warmers Write For Us – As its name indicates, a USB hand warmer is a power bank that has integrated a pair of electric plates heated to a high temperature, generally between 40-55ºC, to transmit the heat from the power bank to our hands. So, To Write for Us, you can email at

Hand warmer USB power bank

In addition, as it is a portable external battery, it allows you to recharge your day-to-day devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches, and smartbands, among others, through a USB charging port

.Of course, in this case, we warn you that you cannot use the heater function simultaneously while you recharge your mobile.


Most existing models of USB hand warmers have several features in common:

LED indicator: as in -almost- all external batteries, 4 LED lights indicate the remaining battery level, each representing 25% of the charge level.

USB input port: it is the port through which we recharge this gadget; it can be a micro USB or USB type C port.

Output USB port: to charge our mobile or other devices, it is generally a USB type A port, although, in more recent models, we can also find charging compatibility through USB type C

LED flashlight: ideal for illuminating dark spaces without using a mobile battery, such as when camping outdoors.

Is it safe?

When the power bank starts to heat up in your hands, you might think that it could explode in your hands. But you don’t have to worry; we’ll explain:

As in any other power bank model, these devices have a protection system integrated into their circuit against overvoltages, overloads, and short courses, and, in addition, they incorporate a temperature sensor that will automatically turn off the device when the temperature exceeds 55°C to avoid overheating.

How does a USB hand warmer work?

Generally, this type of power bank includes a power button to activate the heater and has 2-3 levels of adjustable temperature:

Low: temperature around 42ºC. It is ideal for use at home and when it is not very cold.

Medium: it is around 48ºC. The battery life decreases a bit but offers more heat, and it is recommended for when you go for a walk, and the temperatures are low

High: up to 55ºC. For very cold temperatures, the battery level drops significantly.

As is logical, the duration of the hand warmer will depend on the capacity (mAh) of the power bank’s internal battery and the heating level set. That is to say: the more heat the device emits, the faster the battery will run out.

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