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Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

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What risks does artificial intelligence pose?

Artificial intelligence has many possible applications. We will see artificial intelligence in autonomous driving, natural language recognition, and all those devices in our environment that interpret what we’re saying. Companies will also use artificial intelligence to improve their processes and automate many of them.

The problem is that it also poses several challenges. Indeed, artificial intelligence is not entirely harmless; in some cases, it can generate new risks in financial markets or develop competition problems by following the practices of other competitors in an automated manner in violation of the elementary regulations of the proper functioning of a market.

Therefore, we must begin to visualize in each of the uses of artificial intelligence what the limits are or how they must be addressed to ensure that consumer protection is maintained and the proper functioning of the markets while taking advantage of all those advantages that technology has introduced.

More about AI

The study focuses on three specific gadgets with a commercial journey: smartwatches, connected cars, and smart speakers. To compare its possibilities with the ‘smartphone’, it starts from the premise that phones have so much relevance for four of their characteristics: they have very high penetration, they always carry on top, they are the center of digital activity, and they have become essential.

To support this information, BI Intelligence presented a survey that asked what they feel if they leave their mobile at home in the morning; 14% of respondents said that their day was ruined at that time, and 37% were willing to look for it again, compared to 15% who were happy or unconcerned with their cluelessness.

The ‘smartwatch’: attractive, but not enough

According to Beaver’s analysis, the ‘smartwatch’ or smart watch has an essential point in common with mobile phones: it is almost always carried on top. 68% of its users use it daily, and up to 25% have it on their wrist even when they sleep. In addition, always according to BI Intelligence data, 14% of its users say that it is already causing them to use their smartphone fewer thanks to some of its functionalities, such as checking ’emails’ or looking for addresses.

The connected car:

The potential of connected cars is enormous. First, because it is estimated that it will become widespread relatively soon, it is estimated that 100 million connected vehicles are already circulating the planet. According to the consultancy PwC, there will be 470 million in 2025. In addition, it is where a lot of time is spent daily (especially in the United States, where only commuting to work represents a daily average of 53 minutes, according to data collected by BI Intelligence).

Smart speakers: your home is your castle

In some ways, the analysis of the future relevance of smart speakers – such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which dominate 94% of the market in the United States – is the B-side of that of connected cars. Speakers will be very relevant inside the house if vehicles can be relevant to consumers outside the home. But only the mobile moves without borders between all the person’s environments.

Write For Us – Artificial Intelligence Accepted Topics

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Guidelines of the Article Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Guidelines of the Article Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

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