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Autonomous Computing

Autonomous CoAutonomous Computing Write For UsAutonomous Computing Write For Usmputing Write For Us

Autonomous computing Write For Us – It is the capability of a computer to manage itself automatically, using adaptive technologies that increase computing power and reduce the time it takes IT professionals, to troubleshoot system issues and perform other maintenance tasks, such as software updates. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

The move towards autonomous computing is driven by the desire to reduce costs and the need to remove the barriers posed by the complexities of computing systems, which will allow for more advanced computing technology.

The Autonomous Computing Initiative (ACI), developed by IBM, demonstrates and advocates computer network systems that do not require much human intervention other than defining the initial rules.  ACI is resultant of the autonomic nervous system of the human body.

IBM have definite the four areas of autonomous computing

  •   Auto configuration.
  •   Self-repair (bug fixes)
  •   Self-optimization (automatic control of resources to obtain optimal performance).
  •   Moreover, self-protection (proactive identification and protection against attacks).

Autonomous computing is modelled after the nervous system of the human body.  As the human body acts and responds without human control functions (e.g. temperature rises and falls, respiration fluctuates, glands secrete hormones in response to stimuli), the autonomous computing environment works organically to the data it collects. The autonomic nervous system reacts to stimuli independently of an individual’s awareness: the independent computing environment operates with a high degree of artificial intelligence but remains invisible.

IBM has established eight conditions that define an autonomous system

  • The system must know what resources it has access to, what its capabilities and limitations are, and how and why it is connected to other systems.
  • The system must be able to automatically organize and reconfigure itself as required by the changing computing environment.
  • It must optimise its presentation to ensure that it uses the most efficient computing process.
  • The system must be able to resolve the problems it encounters, either by repairing itself or by moving the problem functions away.
  • The system must detect, classify, and protect itself against various types of attacks to maintain the overall security and integrity of the system

· Benefits

The primary benefit of autonomous computing reduces TCO (total cost of ownership). Failures will be less frequent, and maintenance costs will be drastically reduced. Fewer staff will be needed to manage the systems. “The most immediate benefit of autonomous computing will be reduced cost of installation and maintenance and increased stability of IT systems through automation,

The Future Of Autonomous Computing Write For Us

Autonomous computing promises to simplify the management of computing systems. But that capability will serve as the foundation for much more efficient Cloud Computing.

Other applications include, for example, server load balancing, process mapping, power supply monitoring, automatic software and driver update, fault warning, in-memory error correction, automated backup security and system recovery, etc.

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