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Mini Projector Write For Us

Mini Projector Write For Us

Mini Projector Write For Us

Mini Projector Write For Us – It is a projector like the rest. The notable difference is that, in the case of the mini versions, many have arisen due to LED technology and, in this way, have replaced the classic light bulb with these light sources, with the consequent reduction in space.

In other words, its function is to receive a video signal, process it, and project it onto a screen where it can be viewed through its lenses. So, To Write for Us, you can email at

Advantages and disadvantages of a mini projector

Among the first, of course, the most notable advantage of this type of projector derives from its size and consequent portability. It can be taken anywhere or placed in any hole in the house with just a small hole.

Another is the little maintenance required in those with LED lights instead of conventional ones since it is not necessary to change the light points from time to time, and their durability is much greater.

The most obvious disadvantage is the brightness. By its nature, the LED light provides less power, and if you want it high, you will have to dig into your pocket more than usual.

What types of the mini projector are there

Mini projectors are smaller than conventional ones, but different types depend on the size within this generic feature.

From smallest to largest, they would be:

Pico projectors: The smallest. So much so that they can fit in the palm of your hand. In English, they are known as video beams. Despite the rapid evolution of technology, it is not enough for this type of device to achieve significant benefits compared to its older competitors.

If they come close to them, it will be at a much higher price, which will lead one to wonder if it is worth it for a few centimeters less in sizes that are small in themselves.

Pocket: Something bigger although, as its name indicates, not excessively. To get an idea, let’s write down as a reference no more than 20 cm in length for half a kilo or so in weight.

Portable: They are not designed to be kept in a pocket, but at affordable prices, their benefits are very similar to those of conventional tabletop or ceiling-mounted ones, with the advantage that they are still very portable.

What to consider before buying a mini projector

 Size: We have alluded to this in detail in the section on types of projectors, from the laptop at home to the pico projector to carry with one hand.

Image quality: As in any projector, small or large, a fundamental factor that is based on:

Contrast Ratio: Indicates the maximum difference in brightness between white and black. The greater the chromatic difference between the two, the more and better the contrast. As a guide, a mini projector should have a contrast ratio of 1000:1 or higher.

Luminosity: As a concept, it measures the amount of light the device can project onto a surface. It is measured in Ansi lumens. If the mini projector is used at home to watch movies or derivatives, less light will be needed since it is usually seen in the dark. More light is better for a conference, presentation or similar.

Resolution: Measures the number of projected pixels. The higher the density, the more clarity and sharpness the image. In the case of small ones, as a reference, we provide a resolution of 854×480.

Connectivity: It is crucial to make sure of the connection possibilities you have (HDMI, USB or SD cards). As it is intuited, the connection of tablets and smartphones is widespread, and it is recommended to bring Wi-Fi connectivity.

Internal memory: It is not a minor matter in addition to the possibilities of different connections. A recommendation of 16 GB may be adequate.

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