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Dark Web Write For Us

Dark Web 

Dark Web Write For Us

Dark Web Write For Us – The dark web is the hidden set of Internet sites that can only be accessed through a specialized web browser. It is used to keep internet activity private and anonymous, which can be helpful for both legal and illegal purposes. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

While some use it to evade government censorship, it is also used for highly unlawful activities. Darkweb is used by hackers, criminals and government bodies, etc.

What are the dark web, the deep web, and the shallow web?

The Internet is considerable, with millions of web pages, databases, and servers running 24 hours a day—however, the famous “visible” Internet (also known as the shallow or open web). The sites you can find with search engines like Google and Yahoo are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are several terms to refer to the non-visible web, but it is worth knowing their differences if you plan to sail off the beaten track.

The superficial web or the open web

The open web or the surface web is the “visible” surface layer. If we continue to visualize the entire web as an iceberg, the open web would be the top above the water. From a statistical point of view, this set of websites and data constitutes less than 5% of the entire Internet.

Here are all the publicly available websites accessed through traditional browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Websites are usually identified with registry operators such as “.com” and “.org” and can be easily located with the most popular search engines.

It is possible to find simple websites because search engines can index the web through visible links (a process called “crawling” because the search engine traverses the web like a spider).

More about the dark web :

The dark web is not an indexed site and can only be accessed through specialized web browsers. Significantly smaller than the tiny shallow web, the dark web is considered part of the deep web. Using our ocean and an iceberg as a reference, the dark web would be the bottom tip of the submerged iceberg.

However, the dark web is a very remote part of the deep web that few will interact with or even see. In other words, the deep web looks at everything beneath the surface and is accessible if you have the right software, including the dark web.

Analysis of the construction of the dark web reveals some essential layers that make it an anonymous haven:

  • There is no indexing of web pages by simple web search engines. Google and other popular search tools can’t discover or display page results within the dark web.
  • “Virtual traffic tunnels” through a random network infrastructure.
  • Inaccessible to traditional browsers thanks to its unique registry operator. In addition, it is hidden by various network security measures such as encryption.

The dark web’s reputation is often linked to criminal intent or illegal content and to “trade” sites on which users can purchase illicit goods or services. However, the legal parties have also made use of this platform.

When it comes to dark web security, the dangers of the deep web are very different from those of the dark web. Illegal cyber activity doesn’t have to be easy to find, but it tends to be much more extreme and threatening if searched.

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