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Network Equipment Write For Us

Network Equipment Write For Us

Network Equipment Write For Us

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Network Equipment Write For Us– are the physical equipment necessary for the interaction and communication of the hardware of a computer network. They are used to connect a computer and other devices so they can share files and resources. So, To Write for Us, you can email at

Each device has various features, varying according to scenarios and network requirements.

Most common network devices:


A hub is a device that functions as a repeater with multiple ports and is responsible for connecting several devices in a computer network. In addition, it fulfills the function of amplifying the signals that have deteriorated after a long journey on the connection cables.

To extend the reach of a network, a hub receives the data on one port, regenerates it, and finally sends it to the other ports. These hubs work in the physical layer of the OSI model standards. Its process implies that all the traffic of a computer connected to the hub is sent to the other connected devices each time the seat can transmit data.


A switch or a switch is a data link layer equipment multiport that seeks to improve the network’s efficiency thanks to the virtual circuit’s large capacity. It is also responsible for connecting network segments and maintaining limited routing information about nodes in the internal network.

The routing is done according to the MAC address tables, allowing you to know which physical port each address is located in.

Switches are at the second level of network devices because what enters through one port only leaves through another port and not through all, as in the case of a hub.


Gateways are electronic equipment that allows the connection between two networks, usually between private and public networks. These gateways are located between the transport and session layers of the OSI model.


A firewall is a security device that allows packet filtering according to specific rules. In addition, it provides network segmentation to create zones with a higher level of security.


An IDS is a signature-based intrusion detection system that only detects and notifies potential malicious activity. At the same time, an IPS is an intrusion prevention system, similar to IDS, which can block traffic.


It is an intermediate device for filtering user connections at the application level. In addition, it is responsible for facilitating resource requests from one client to another server.

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