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Robotics Write For Us

Robotics Write For Us – Its science is in charge of studying, designing and manufacturing machines that are capable of performing human tasks that require reasoning, logic and intelligence, all that to partially or replace the functions carried out by human beings, they can receive and analyze the information of the environment where they are, in this way they carry out the tasks satisfactorily. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

The Uses of Robotics

Robotics uses different disciplines, such as computer science, electronics, and mechanics, to carry out its practice. Many have been the scientists who have led to robotics where it is today over the years and as a result of trial and error.

An example of these is Leonardo Torres Quevedo, who built a command to control a torpedo, another of his achievements was manufacturing an aerial shuttle, among other engineering works.

Another character that has been of great importance in robotics is the writer Isaac Asimov who has been one of the authors who has described in detail the possible behaviours that machines can adopt, that is why the term “robotics” was coined to him, at the age of 22 he wrote about the well-known “laws of robotics” which are mentioned below.

Robots cannot inflict harm on humans, nor should they allow damage to be done to them by not preventing such an event. The robot must obey the orders of its owner at all times, as long as said order does not violate the first law. Robots must protect themselves, as long as that protection does not involve breaking any of the above rules.

The advances that this science has had in the last three decades have been fantastic.

So much so that it has given rise to practices such as robotic surgery.

It consists of the realization by a robot of highly complex surgery; also in the military area have been developed an endless number of instruments to preserve the lives of soldiers, for that and more it is considered a science of great importance for man since it seeks to facilitate and improve the lives of human beings.

What will the future of robotics look like?

In what will be concerning the future, we believe that in the coming decades.

Robotics production will be boosted because technology evolves, never stays behind, and always goes forward.

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Robotic write for us

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