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SSD Write For Us

SSD Write For Us

An SSD can do real magic on your computer if it is an old computer that still works under the hard drive of a lifetime, that is, an HDD. But it is also a solution to consider if you are looking to expand your device’s memory, as well as if you need an external drive to store your files. In many situations, the same solution is. So, To Write for Us, you can email at

When we need our PC to go faster, there are times when we mistakenly believe that we need to increase the RAM. If we have 4 GB, we will notice an increase in speed in certain processes, but it is best to opt for an SSD since that is the real revolution.

SSD stands for ”Solid State Drive”, or ”Solid State Drive”, and is one of the most important components in making your PC go much faster. It is the evolution of the HDD, and its main function is to allow you to open files at full speed and start the operating system (and turn off the PC) much faster.

Throughout the next few paragraphs, we will tell you everything you need to know about them, but we are going to start at the beginning by explaining what it is and what it is for.

What is an SSD?

We have already said that an SSD is a solid-state drive, and in a few words, it is a component of the PC that is used to store data, exactly “the same” as a hard drive (but we cannot call it a “hard drive” ‘ because there is no ”disc” inside it).

An HDD hard drive has a large platter and a head; these elements move at full speed to write and find the data we keep on our PC. In these units, the physical parts disappear as they are replaced by elements more similar to the memory modules of a RAM stick.

If you are into technology, you will know that RAM is volatile memory. This means that when the power supply is cut off, the data is erased (that’s why RAM is emptied when we turn off the PC). However, they are based on NAND memory, a non-volatile memory that prevents data from being erased when power is removed.

They don’t need a battery to hold your data when you don’t have a power source, and we can have it stored as an external hard drive without worrying that your data will disappear.

Next, we leave you a comparison between an HDD (left) and an SSD (right) so that you can see the number of components that one system has and another:

The Advantages of an HDD

With increased read and write speeds, files open and close much faster (this also goes for games and loading screens). The system opens and closes in seconds, file transfer is faster , and other advantages are not so obvious but are important.

For example, they produce less heat as there are no moving parts, weigh less(which is important in laptops), are more resistant to shocks, and do not produce noise or vibrations (again, important when we talk about laptops).

In addition, if the limit of HDD hard drives has almost been reached, they still have a way to go, since each time, they invent new ways to stack data and communicate with the board with new connection paths (SATA, PCI, etc.).

Why Write for Tech Support Reviews – SSD Write For Us

Why Write for Tech Support Reviews – SSD Write For Us

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Why choose an SSD over an HDD

 It is time to see in detail why it is a better option than an HDD, in a long way, too. And it is that speed is a fundamental element when choosing it over an HDD, but it is not the only one.

In 2011 there may have been more details that would throw us back, but now it should be mandatory in any computer, both laptop and desktop since its advantages over an HDD are evident and numerous

Speed, the key point

We have already said the main reason to choose it instead of an HDD is that an SSD has a read speed, And we are writing much higher than an HDD.

Energy consumption

Another advantage of having an SSD instead of an HDD is lower consumption. With no mechanical parts that need to move to write and read data, it’s an advantage in certain ways.

Absolute silence

This is not a compelling reason, but it is worth considering, especially if you leave the downloading laptop games at night or perform operations that require the hard drive and have the computer in the same room where you sleep.

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Guidelines of the Article – SSD Write For Us

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