Common IP Address Leak Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Proxies conceal your IP address, supporting access to blocked websites, web scraping, and managing multiple social media accounts. Proxies can mask your identity from others, adding an extra layer of privacy to your connection. However, the stability and security of proxies aren’t 100% guaranteed. Leaking of IPs happens regularly, especially when using free or shared proxies.

As we mentioned above, gizlilikveguvenlik are ideas that have common areas of use and are in a relationship. Privacy is about the rights and accesses you need to control your personal information and how it is used. Security , on the other hand, indicates how your personal data should be safe.

When Do Proxies Leak IP Addresses

IP Address

Proxy service providers have robust measures and advanced technologies to optimize online security and privacy. Internet users resort to proxies mainly to avert the dangers of revealing their true identities to others. Additionally, they use proxies to bypass blocks while boosting their data mining and market intelligence capacities.

The basics of proxy deployment in every industry are to optimize security and protect identities. Many factors can lead to IP leaks when using proxies, including poor internet connection and poorly-configured proxy connections. Let’s find out more about proxy IP leaks and the perfect solutions.

Improper DNS Configurations

Although IPRoyal’s proxies are stable and secure, your IP may unexpectedly leak if you don’t configure your DNS correctly. Negligence on the provider’s side and user-triggered errors are the most popular reasons for DNS IP leaks. From the users’ point of view, it could be an issue with an improperly configured operating system. From the proxy provider’s side, it could be unresolved bugs or a poorly maintained proxy system.

To help you better understand how DNS leaks your identity consider this, when it happens, it has the potential for anyone monitoring traffic to see which websites you are visiting and even get your IP address. When these DNS leaks happen, your ISP can see everything you do online. Including but not limited to websites you visit and the information you send to sites. Undoubtedly, this could expose your identity and personal information to others without your consent, as you are leaving a trail of everything you do on the web.

Connection Drop

Premium proxy servers are the perfect deal for every user that wants to enjoy a better, more secure connection. Premium proxies have robust features that prevent IP leaks, including a kill switch and IPV6 disabling functions. These features ensure that your identity won’t leak even if your connection drops unexpectedly.

Free proxies tend to drop when you least expect it. Since most of these proxies don’t have a kill switch feature, they reveal your identity. Use premium proxies if you truly want your online connections to be secure and stable.

WebRTC Leaks

IP Address

A common reason behind IP leaks when using proxies is WebRTC. The smart communication protocol WebRTC utilizes JavaScript to facilitate a smooth connection between browsers. The tool enables voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing features. Many use this protocol to enjoy rich, high-quality applications during their communication.

Unfortunately, the real-time communication of WebRTC comes with several drawbacks. One of the key drawbacks of WebRTC is that it leaks your IP address even when you use a proxy service. It works like an anti-proxy system to enable websites to discover your actual IP address, which puts your connections at risk of hacking or blocking.

Outdated Bugs and System Protocol

Proxy providers are responsible for keeping their systems up-to-date and ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Sadly, that is not always the case, as some providers miss the target, leaving users prone to losing their connections’ stability and security. A good proxy provider must ensure you don’t lose these.

Unfortunately, due to negligence or unavoidable circumstances, proxy providers fail to upgrade their systems, leaving users’ privacy and safety at risk. Failing to upgrade their system protocol and resolve bugs promptly may leave your information at stake. Before settling for a proxy provider, ensure it can keep its systems updated and have a track record of providing high-quality and secure connections.


IP address leaks threaten the security and confidentiality of your online connections. When they happen, there’s a higher chance your connection could end up hacked, leading to a loss of your personal information. To avoid IP leaks, you must settle for proxy providers with a track record of delivering premium services. Be sure the proxy provider you choose has credibly served its customers and can be trusted to provide secure and stable connections.


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