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Construction Technologies Write For Us 

Construction Technologies Write For Us 

Construction Technologies 

Construction technologies as a set of engineering techniques applied to structural construction processes. They use in designing transportation systems, industry and energy-related projects. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

Despite having been one of the most reluctant the incorporate innovation into its processes, the construction sector has reinvented itself under the shelter of a new technology

The above event caused the transformation of the habits and expectations of consumers, who were inclined towards the demand for comfortable, economical and quality structures.

Main aspects of construction technologies

The market transformation reflected the increase in the demand for buildings adapted to the needs of a changing world, which led to the implementation of changes.

In this sense, construction technologies have emerged encompassing the diversity of details involved in the modern construction process,

Examples of construction technologies

1- Sustainable materials

They reduce the use of natural resources to take advantage of the waste produced by human beings.

2- The MagPanels

They are panels built with magneto oxide. Being assembled, these panels do not require cement or other material to join. The force of magnetism operates in the substitution of any adhesive material.

3- Pegasus two

It is a reality capture technology that allows a 360° evaluation at more than 80 km/h.

This tool, together with drones, has revolutionized the field of topography.

4- 3D printing

It is currently used to produce complex construction forms in a few hours, reducing the production of structures’ costs and delivery times.

This technology has been proven in presenting models and printing walls, bricks, and insulating materials.

5 – Big Data

The use of big data is becoming a source of ideas for technicians and other professionals to know how to make better decisions when it comes to optimizing processes and resources.

Predictive analytics can help predict future behaviour and avoid risks that cost more than necessary.

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