Digital Marketing Strategies In The Dealership Sector

Digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector must adapt to the new times. Customers are changing the way they buy cars. This directly influences their behavior in the face of the different digital strategies generated in the dealership sector.

Because, strange as it may seem, quite a few users already buy their cars or mopeds on the Internet. Or that, at least, they are informed on the different social networks. Or even make the purchase decision through WhatsApp. To improve your F&I department, provide F&I training for your staff from the best F&I school.

5 digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector

5 digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector

Therefore, the challenge for dealers is to stay ahead of their customers in the digital environment. For this, it is essential to rebuild your customer journey. Only in this way will digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector be effective.

Discover where your buyers are digitally

What is the use of having the best creatives if you show them to users who are not interested? To be effective, digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector must be carried out in the digital environments where your customers are.

In addition to choosing car models, users also seek answers to common questions before making a purchase decision. Therefore, you must accompany them in these searches.

But not only that. You must also help them by finding solutions to the problems they raise. To do this, you must monitor their behavior patterns. And know where they move to connect with them wherever they are.

This is, therefore, an important part of the success of digital strategies in the dealership sector: reaching customers on the channels they use. It will be necessary to build brand profiles in said digital spaces.

Understand how your buyer behaves on the Internet

Later, do not forget to contact your users on those channels. It is the way not to lose sales. This is where they are asking for a solution or an answer that only your dealer, or their most direct competition, can offer them.

As you can see, the importance of carrying out digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector adapted to the new dynamics of digital behavior of your customers is paramount. These are some data that endorse it:

  • 86% of car buyers consult with a dealer in a digital environment before purchasing. This is a compelling reason to consider when carrying out digital marketing strategies that can accompany users in the sales process.
  • Another convincing fact is that these buyers spend 60% of the time in their purchase decisions online.
  • A potential car customer begins their digital journey by selecting the car through a search engine. 30% of users do this.
  • After the information search process, 24% of users continue to enter the local dealer’s website.
  • Other places where the user resorts are the brand’s website. This is done by 14% of these users.

Commitment to multi-channel digital strategies

Car buyers are multichannel Internet users. They do not contrast information only on websites. They also go through social networks where they can know the opinion of other users who have bought that car or who are about to do so.

It will also do so throughout the same day from different devices: tablets, mobile phones and computers. Google reveals that 90% of users who own multiple devices switch between them three times a day.

Adapting digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector to the different channels will provide you with greater sales opportunities. A better optimization of the works in each support will help to increase the conversions.

Use content marketing

Understanding the needs of customers in digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector is the starting point to create the right information to resolve the questions and doubts of potential vehicle buyers before their purchase.

An accurate message and providing the requested information is the definitive step in selling a vehicle. This will also reinforce the image of your brand. And, above all, it will improve customer experience management for your users, something that usually greatly influences the purchase decision.

Different content queries according to devices

Of course, the content to prioritize must be aligned with the objectives. When thinking about what content or information you should use on each device, these data will help you:

  • 58% of users personalize the vehicle from a desktop computer.
  • 40% watch videos from the same device.
  • 36% make comparisons between vehicles on websites they visit from computers.

On the other hand, potential buyers go to their mobile phones to check the information with their relatives and to communicate with the dealer.

Therefore, it seems that the use of the desktop computer for visual digital marketing actions and strategies is more convenient. Also for those where it is necessary to offer more details in the information.

On the other hand, the most suitable marketing strategies on mobile will be those that involve rapid contact with the user as well as those that require simple navigation.

Build communities

Facebook claims that 53% of people are more likely to shop at a business they can message directly. On the other hand, 56% of people prefer to send messages to companies.

For this reason, the use of social networks is not only an option in digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector. The fact of creating a community within social networks provides the opportunity to stay in touch with users and find out what they like.

Having a well used Facebook page is a valuable tool. Sharing articles and posting original content to then gauge fan feedback will provide first-hand insights.

It’s also a place for satisfied customers to leave good reviews. And remember that criticism in both directions, good and bad, are interesting to detect what you like and what should be modified.

Seek to virtualize your messages

Useful content delivered to the right channels are two of the pillars of digital marketing strategies in the dealership sector. But in addition to creating effective content, you must ensure it is attractive. Which will make it easier to share on social networks.

If a buyer has a good purchase and product experience, they will share the information. And surely he will be the best prescriber for the sale of cars from the dealership.

However, virtualizing a message does not depend only on the interesting content. You must also make users want to share it with strategies that move them. It’s difficult but not impossible. And if you get it, your accounts will notice.

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