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NFT Write For Us – An NFT or non-fungible token is a record that certifies ownership of something. This record is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, an ongoing ledger that is impossible to falsify where it is reflected to whom that asset belongs or has belonged. So to Write For Us, you can email at

As much as someone wants to copy and paste that drawing you have of money, the real one—the only true one—is clearly and incontestably yours. In addition to miniature works of art, NFTs can function as contracts, event tickets, or club membership cards. Its value can reach scandalous heights: it is not uncommon for some to earn six figures.

Some have invested up to 19 million euros in selling these digital assets. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Essentially, an NFT is a land registry: what is owned is almost secondary.

why are they important?

People who bet big on NFTs believe that the full transparency they display can save art, liberate the internet and restore democracy. Others think that NFTs will accelerate societal collapse because of the greed and fraud they generate and will melt the poles due to the enormous amount of energy needed to store the data on the blockchain.

As you can see, there are no half-measures: either total triumph or an absolute disaster. How fun! What a horror! It is useless to predict what will happen in an environment as fast-paced as NFTs, and it isn’t easy to imagine that nothing will happen with all this energy.

where did they come from?

Blockchain-based collectable assets already existed before the NFT boom. They emerged in 2016 in the form of Rare Pepes, virtual trading cards — some with jokes or witty memes — hosted on the Bitcoin blockchain and starring the same grieving frog that, sadly, became a symbol of white American nationalism around the same time.

The Rare Pepes attracted a niche audience, geeks of digital art and blockchain, and laid the foundations for this type of collectables. There are the immensely popular CryptoPunks, which in turn inspired the CryptoKitties. Hosted on Ethereum, these kittens also incorporated a playful element: they could be “fed” to generate others with more unusual characteristics (with the fur of another colour, for example).

Basics and acronyms you should know

As if the technology intrinsic to NTFs wasn’t opaque enough, their fans and collectors have their language. Here are some terms to get started.

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