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How to Complete SEO Promotion of the Site to Access New Audiences 


Without promotion, the site will never attract a large amount of organic traffic and therefore will never be able to perform its function – making money. Website promotion can be done through special agencies, involving experts. It helps promote sites and make them as popular as a PlayAmo mobile app or even Netflix. If you have no budget, take up site promotion yourself.

Why Promote a Site

Professional website promotion solves the following problems:

When SEO Makes Sense

When SEO is necessary:

What Affects the Position of the Site 

The position of a web page depends on many factors, here are the main ones:

Competitor Analysis

Promotion of the site begins with an analysis. If the site belongs to a small company, be sure to analyze the work of major networks that develop business in the same area.

They surely have something to learn, with their help, you can quickly and efficiently assemble the semantic core, decide on the design and usability of your site.

You can analyze keywords used by competitors, their sources of traffic, and advertising.

How best to proceed:

Internal Optimization

Creating a Semantic Core

It will advance the site pages, depending on the chosen strategy: by position or by traffic. If promotion is carried out by the positions, the semantic kernel includes not more than 100-200 phrases. If we are talking about traffic promotion, you need to pick up the semantic core with a number of phrases from 1000, depending on the subject.

Technical Optimization

This is the most important stage in the complex promotion of the web page. He is responsible for setting up indexing, fast loading and proper display of the site on different devices.

What it includes:

Formation of the URL

Creating URLs understandable for search engines and users is also an important stage of internal optimization.

How to set up your pages correctly:

Duplicate Pages

Duplicate pages make it difficult for the search engine to select a relevant page, so you need to look for them and eliminate them. When duplicate pages can occur:

Broken Links

These are links leading to non-existent pages that give an error. They need to be corrected by redirecting to a working page of the site or removing links to them altogether.

Navigating the Site

Navigation chains are created for the convenience of the user and improve the usability of the site. Breadcrumbs are needed to form a path from the main page of the resource to the one on which the client is, taking into account all the sections of the site, which he needed to pass. Chains are involved in the internal linking of the site and the distribution of link weights.

Internal Relinking

It is needed to distribute link weight and increase the relevance of pages in search engines, as well as for the convenience of visitors. It comes through, contextual, navigational. You can place internal links manually or automatically.

Adaptive Version of the Site

Adaptive design is needed to optimize the appearance of the site on different devices, such as smartphones and tablets, without creating a separate version on a subdomain.

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