Stock Market Write For Us

Stock Market Write For Us

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Stock Market Write For Us

Stock Market Write For Us – The stock market is a private entity constituted as a public limited company, which is officially regulated, where operations of purchase and sale of shares, obligations, bonds, investment certificates and other securities registered on the stock market are carried out, where the plaintiffs are located. And securities offerors negotiating through their Stock Brokers. So, To Write for Us, you can email at

They are important because through them, and there is a direct encounter between the people who have money and want to invest it, called investors, and the sellers of securities, which can be the investors themselves or the companies that decide to sell securities in exchange for money (capital ) either to develop projects, for working capital or to refinance debts.

Stock market functions

Among the most important functions of the stock market are:

  • Channel savings into productive investment.
  • It provides truthful and permanent information about the values, the situation of the companies registered in the stock market, the operations carried out, etc.
  • It offers liquidity since investors can convert their assets (shares or others) into money.
  • It provides legal certainty. That is, the transactions are supported and will be held accountable.
  • Stock markets play a fundamental role in economic development since they facilitate transactions and channel savings. In this way, a better allocation of resources is feasible.

What does the stock market do?

  • Its main function is the custody and administration of securities and facilitating the settlement and clearing of operations carried out with securities on and off the stock market.
  • Facilitate transactions with securities and seek the development of the stock market by providing the necessary infrastructure to put suppliers and applicants of the securities listed on them in contact.
  • Serve as a place to negotiate securities through the wheels (public meetings of negotiation in the Stock Market) established for it.
  • Register titles or securities to be traded on the Stock Exchange, previously reviewing the legal requirements established for this purpose.
  • Maintain an organized market that offers its participants conditions of security, honour, correctness, transparency (information) and price formation by purchasing and selling securities and the regulations established for that purpose.
  • Regulate and monitor the actions of its members and ensure compliance with legal provisions that allow the favourable development of the market and stock market operations.
  • They give liquidity to investments, understanding liquidity as the ease with which an asset can be sold and the cost incurred to dispose of the asset. Thus, a higher price implies less liquidity.

They negotiate risk: The financial instruments arranged in the stock markets are, in effect, “instruments with risk”, for example, a share of a company. If the company is successful, the action will gain value, and if it fails, it will lose its weight. Who is willing to assume the risk of the company? The person who buys the action.

Logically, all these risks have a counterpart: the rate of return.

They form prices since it helps companies value projects and determine if they are viable, allowing investors to value their investments.

 How does the stock market work?

  • When talking about the Stock Market, the first thing that comes to mind is the word “Shares” since large companies work and move their capital with shares.
  • To know the stock markets, it is important to understand some terms used. We will see below.
  • It is concluded that a series of stock market transactions are carried out in the Stock Market, whose main function is to provide a safe environment where operators can carry out their operations.
  • Markets have licensed members, operating procedures, and regulations that govern how trades are conducted and disputes are resolved. In addition, the bags perform the following functions:
  • They regulate the list of titles.
  • Promotes a capital market, encouraging the participation of the largest number of people through purchasing and selling all kinds of transaction securities.
  • It holds Trading Sessions daily, providing the necessary technological infrastructure and facilitating communication between the agents representing the Stock Brokerage Houses and the issuers of securities and investors.
  • One of its main objectives is the efficient channelling of internal savings towards investment needs that require additional financial resources, whether public or private.
  • It offers investors the necessary and sufficient security conditions of legality and security in the transactions carried out through it based on its internal regulations.
  • They adopt the appropriate measures to promote savings and investment, allowing greater shareholding, and ensure compliance with the rules to maintain seriousness and trust in securities, adjusting operations to laws, regulations and the strictest standards of ethics.
  • It keeps a record of quotes and effective prices of securities and has available to the public information on everything that happens in the stock market.
  • They provide facilities for the settlement of operations.

What kind of stock exchanges exist today?

The so-called stock market has a long tradition of strengthening and promoting the financial development of most countries in the world. Some entities date back as far as the 17th century. However, two types of markets are currently distinguished: the physical stock market and the online stock market.

Physical stock market: Although increasingly in disuse, shares trade through an auction system. These transactions continue to be carried out on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOE) or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), among others.

These establishments, such as the Madrid Stock Exchange Palace, have become iconic buildings in the economic sector.Online stock market: Technological innovation has also landed in the stock market. Today, there are countless online platforms with which to carry out share purchase and sale operations. Thanks to them, you will be able to access different markets

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