Price Intelligence Software: Key Competitive Advantage

It is defined as the essential method of collecting and analyzing details related to customer data with price intelligence software. However, when it comes to understanding their behaviour, companies must know the best ways to interact with each of their customers.

A price intelligence software to learn from your customer

In today’s digital world, most customers share their information with the companies they interact with their demographics, interests, buying habits, preferences, and needs. A good salesperson, who finds a way to use this gold mine, will be able to communicate with each client in a way that makes them feel understood and valued.

A price intelligence software to learn from your customer

This behaviour certainly increases brand awareness, positive word of mouth and Net Promoter Score, which determines customer retention. It is no exaggeration to say that in this age of fierce competition, mastering the art of customer intelligence is necessary for any organization or business to survive through easy-to-use pricing intelligence software.

Steps to Develop Customer Intelligence

Your company’s many channels can access customer data, including activity on company websites, apps, customer-initiated communications, and more. The following steps can be viewed as building blocks for successful customer intelligence.

Step 1:

The first task in creating customer intelligence is bringing all the information together into a single data file that will help you conduct a practical analysis.

Step 2:

The next step is to have the necessary infrastructure to analyze the data technology. Modern intelligence enables companies to gain customer insights based on their lifecycle: new customers, active customers, customer churn, etc. The customer lifetime value forecast helps predict customer churn.

Step 3:

Once the data has been collected and analyzed, it can provide meaningful insights to help businesses make informed decisions to meet their needs. Customer intelligence enables companies to gain significant clarity not only about customer interaction but also about customer expectations.

Customer intelligence through mapping of their journey

To have a successful customer experience, you must measure customer insight at various stages.

Here are some of the shared customer intelligence platforms that can be used by businesses to collect meaningful insights throughout the customer journey:

Physical location

Suppose your customer arrives at a physical location, e.g., in your shop, restaurant, hotel, etc. It is therefore strongly recommended that you collect their feedback directly on-site, for example, through an offline survey. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate with them. Whether they’ve just bought something at the store, are dining at a restaurant, or even staying at a hotel. The feedback is spontaneous.

Send emails

It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers. It is essential to automate this process where a closed ticket or a successful sale generates an email from the system sent to the customers. Moreover, you can collect the comments and communicate with them.

Call Center

This mode of communication is used both for telesales and to collect customer feedback. You can receive feedback through an email or a phone interview. And also, remember that you don’t want to ask too many questions and annoy your customers if it’s a phone survey.


Suppose customers visit your website frequently. For example, most customer interactions happen through your website if you have an online store. So this is one of the best customer intelligence platforms to generate forms of communication, and collecting feedback about your website is a focus of their experience.

Customer intelligence software

Customer intelligence software

If you are looking for price intelligence software and know how to attract and acquire a complete client. Well, you have come to the right place. Through an online panel, you can:

  •  Recruit your customers and engage with them.
  •  Collect your feedback in real time.
  •  Improve your customers’ experience with the organization by simply conducting a survey or poll.
  •  Reward customers for their help in improving your business and also for their honest feedback.
  • Online research panels are great for interacting and listening to customer concerns, suggestions, and feedback. You can inspire them to become loyal brand ambassadors and improve your NPS.

Advantages of customer intelligence

With a well-executed system, an organization can change all customer interactions to be highly personalized. Moreover, this customization, in turn, will improve customer satisfaction and help increase your Net Promoter Score.

Customer satisfaction creates a high affinity to the brand. There’s no better way to build strong customer relationships than to reduce churn. As a company, you have a talent for meeting customer needs efficiently.

When done right, it gives you clear insight into your marketing efforts. You can track marketing activities that improve communication because you primarily focus on the entire customer journey.

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