Top 7 Video Games For Kids

You should always monitor your child’s screen time. You can assign him 1-2 hours in a day where he is allowed to stay in front of the computer screen and play games or watch movies or cartoons.

However, most children are interested in playing video games. And,

Their parents think that it will be helpful for them if they don’t allow their children to play these games because, TBH, video games have become more realistic and violent over the years.

But, not all video games share the same reputation. In fact, there are video games that are particularly designed for children, and they even help children develop certain soft skills.

So, you can download these video games from and let your kid play them so that they have the time of their lives.

Video Games For Kids

Let’s check them out:

1: Among Us

With everyone trapped indoors, Among Us gave the ideal opportunity for people of all ages to interact online while also adding a splash of fun stress.

Your kid and his buddies take on the role of crew members aboard a spacecraft, doing various tasks.

At least one player, however, is entrusted with assassinating the others in secret, and the victims must see through the falsehoods before it’s too late.

Who said paranoia couldn’t be fun?

2: Five Nights At Freddy: Help Wanted

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is known for helping several screeching YouTubers establish their careers.

Still, the creativity of converting mechanical Chuck E. Cheese animal mascots into monsters for a kid-friendly horror game cannot be denied.

From watching security cameras to shoving your hand in a creature’s mouth, this game provides your kid with a range of unpleasant chores to accomplish in the eternally haunted pizza parlor.

If your kid plays this game in virtual reality, he may never want to sleep alone again.

3: Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix plays a joke on you by placing Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney characters on the cover of a game that’s actually an anime RPG.

That is neither straightforward nor clean.

A rabid fan base, on the other hand, adores this bizarre mix. Kingdom Hearts III provides them with the resolution they’ve been looking for over two decades.

It’s still a game where you hang around within Disney movies, so kids should enjoy it.

4: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

This game combines all nine core Star Wars films into a single Star Wars journey for the entire family.

Major story events from the series may be played in this game, but with a comical Lego twist.

Combat and advancement systems have been redesigned to provide an appealing feeling of depth without being overly complicated for younger players.

So, your kid would not hesitate to continue the adventure by exploring more than 20 open-world worlds and the space between them once they’ve completed the epic.

5: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This PS5 launch title adds next-gen graphics, new powers, and a delightfully sympathetic new hero to the brilliant basis of the original game.

In this enormous reproduction of New York City, filled with colourful personalities and crimes to solve, web-slinging has never felt so fantastic.

Some say the storyline is on par with current live-action films.

Your kid will undertake the role of Miles Morales, a 17 years old teenager, and his journey into the realm of being the new spider man in the city. So, you can imagine how fun it will be for him.

6: Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a casual Diablo-style action RPG that uses the same magic.

Your child can set off on adventures alone or with groups through blocky, randomly generated dungeons filled with recognizable enemies to slay. He may stack all kinds of strange weapons and abilities thanks to a flexible treasure system.

Bottle rockets, bows that never run out of arrows, and lightning bolts that follow your kid around are no match for creepers. So, this game will indeed fill them with an adrenaline rush.

7: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Plants vs. Zombies started off as a fantastic mobile tower defense game that you should play right now.

However, in this sequel, your kid can command zombie hordes or living plants armed to the teeth in what feels like a satire made true.

They can even battle it out over expansive, beautiful landscapes powered by Battlefield’s Frostbite engine. This most recent installment of all games draws inspiration from Destiny.

Let Them Explore!

Once you understand these games are fun, you will let your children play them.

There is no excessive amount of violence or adult content involved here that will impact your child’s psychological well-being.

But, you mustn’t let them immerse themselves in these virtual realms for hours after hours. So, if you need more info on these games, reach us below.

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