Traffic Generating Bots: How Do They Affect Your Website?

Although it may seem incredible, the world of traffic generating bots is dark. This is why many marketers wonder if it is essential to use them or if it is possible that, by using them, they will end up destroying their websites.

When looking for ways to increase your web traffic faster and cheaper, you will find a long list of promises that speak of increasing your visits overnight with the help of generators.

Many will charge by the month and others by price per click, and some will even offer a free plan, which makes you want to be alert and suspicious of this market and the risks of subscribing for a “quick fix.”

Many companies leave their sites in the hands of an SEO agency to ensure that their site appears in the first search results without knowing how they are doing it.

The universal truth is that nothing in this life is free, and in the web world, there is no exception to this; if it is free, it stands to reason that there must be certain conditions.

On the other hand, going the easy way or taking shortcuts can ultimately be costly and detrimental to your website’s online reputation, thus losing valuable Leads along the way, which no one wants.

If you have these suspicions and are unwilling to take risks with your website, in the following lines, Tech Support Reviews will explain everything about Traffic Generator Bots and the problems that their use could imply.

What are traffic generating bots?

What are traffic generating bots?

Bots do these activities so repetitively that it would be impossible for humans to do them.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify that not all traffic generating bots belong to that dark world that we talked about earlier since the vast majority are standard and functional, such as:

  • Copyright bots.
  • Search engine crawlers.
  • SEO tools crawlers.

Among many others that, as you will notice, are only use as resources to increase traffic, not as means as such.

On the opposite side, some bots are malicious such as scrapers and spambots, among many others that can give you such heavy traffic that it will be enough to break your website.

When it comes to traffic generating bots or buying web traffic, there is a middle ground between them, and there are risks you have to avoid because if you don’t, you won’t find any benefit.

Remember that bots will not convert on your site or purchase all your products or services.

Although this traffic is not illegal, it is good that you understand the pros and cons of this whole topic if you want genuine traffic to your website.

Importance of bots in marketing

Importance of bots in marketing

We find ourselves in a world where billions of users interact with each other online through thousands of platforms likes, retweets, and shares, among many different ways to stay informed and in constant communication.

Therefore, the amount of web traffic today is at its highest point. Marketing teams must manage to direct that traffic to the web that suits them, with a content plan prepared by a content marketing agency, among other strategies.

Due to the improvement of artificial intelligence and automated services, there has been a massive increase in traffic generating bots, representing an opportunity for marketers to reinvigorate their efforts.

Therefore, the importance of these bots in marketing lies in their ability to help increase the traffic that will genuinely interest in the services and products offered by a brand.

Remember that it is useless to have billions of visits if you only achieve the conversion of three users, do you see?

In this regard, there are so-called “good” traffic generating bots that can support marketing instead of damaging online reputation.

Search Engine Bots

Search Engine Bots

These bots do as much crawling as possible and help marketers get featured on prominent search engines like Google in an automated way.

Bot Monitoring

As a marketer, you must ensure that the website is always accessible to your users, so this bot will automatically notify you if something breaks or is offline.

SEO Crawlers

Marketers must ensure that the website is among the first places to search, but this could be difficult when you have too much information.

With this range of software, you can crawl your site and that of the competition to measure how you could qualify and thus improve your search visibility and organic traffic.

Copyright bots

They are in charge of doing a web scan to guarantee that nobody is using your content, ensuring that you are giving your users unique and unrepeatable information as a marketing professional.

How are they used?

These traffic generating bots are often used for various reasons and by specific people:

  • White-hat SEO agencies that are desperate to generate as much traffic as possible without making the honest effort to increase their organic traffic.
  • Agencies demonstrating a higher CTR must use tools to manipulate the results.
  • Owners of sites that monetize through ads and using these bots will exaggeratedly increase their impressions, but compared to the profits, they are much lower.
  • On the other hand, the cost of using these bots can be somewhat variable but is usually less than a penny for a web owner or business buying such traffic generators outright.

How do traffic generating bots affect your website? Positive and negative aspects

You must understand that traffic generating bots are programs that are generally designed to do a single job, and their creator wants that job to be done as quickly as possible, so this could bring negative consequences to your site.

The problems with these bots are that if continuous requests for information from your site are made, this can lead to a general slowdown, which means that your website will become slow for your users and will cause complications, especially if your website is from an online store.

Extreme cases due to excessive traffic from a bot in which the total disconnection of a website can notice.

Fortunately, this only happens in extreme circumstances since. In most cases, bots bring subtle results to a website. Like everything, these bots have both positive and negative aspects.

Among the positives are the following:

  • They are incredibly cheap.
  • More visits to the page.
  • Increased bandwidth usage.

Among the negatives are the following:

  • Incorrect analytics.
  • Decreased conversions.
  • Junk or spam emails.

In general, this type of traffic does not represent valuable traffic. It will not generate any additional income for your business since, as mentioned before, this traffic will not make purchases from you.

Even if you think that user signals like time spent on the page could boost by these bots and, as a further consequence, you get to optimize your overall ranking, you have to ask yourself: is this worth paying for?

The truth is that there is no evidence of correlations that it is an excellent decision to continue buying this bot. Still, malicious bots proven dangerous because they aim at stealing information or committing fraud, just as the numbers drastically change. From your website.

If you use numbers like the number of sessions and conversion rates to measure the success of your website and other marketing efforts. You are wasting your time because they are not real numbers.

And it is that these bots generate, precisely, relatively high spikes in traffic, so if you do not know how to monitor them, you might think that it is due to some advertisement, when in reality, this is not real traffic.

On the other hand, you could end up making unnecessary changes to your website. Wasting your time since bot traffic is characterized by high bounce rates and low session durations. These metrics tell you how relevant your content is to your users, but they’re not absolute numbers.


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