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Web browsers Write For Us

Web browsers

Web browsers Write For Us

Web Browsers Write For Us – An internet web browser is a program that allows you to access all the public websites that exist worldwide. Internet web browsers use the www protocol to access any website where we need information or services. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at contact@techsupportreviews.com

To enter a website, we need to write www. and the website’s name we are looking for.

Formerly the best-known web browser worldwide was Internet Explorer from the American company Microsoft, but other browsers were taking away market shares over the years.

How does a browser work?

A web browser works by sending and receiving information (data) from other parts of the Web. The received information appears in the browser window of your system. Data is transferred on the web browser by using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is the method that controls how text, images, and videos communicate on the Internet.

To display graphical information on the device, web browsers use a user interface, which is also called a frontend, where you can click, scroll, and navigate through pages and websites.

Web browsers also have a less visible side called a backend to send and receive data. The backend (servers, databases, and applications) sends your requests to the Internet and transports the received data back to your device so that you can connect to and interact with the web pages you want to visit.

Web browser examples

We present the most used web browsers worldwide.

Google Chrome: It is the most famous web browser worldwide developed by the search technology company Google.

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox is an open-source web browser born in 2002 and was one of the two most popular in the world until the appearance of Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft company web browser based on Chromium.

Opera: It is one of the oldest web browsers on the Internet, born in 1995 and with more than 25 years of history

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