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Internet Write For Us – The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that communicate using TCP/IP protocols. The Internet originated in 1968  when the first connection between computers in history was developed in a project called ARPANET between several universities in California in the United States. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

The World Wide Web, we know it now by its acronym WWW and which was created in 1990, is the protocol that has had the most successful worldwide

since it allowed the consultation of hypertext files, and the web pages as we know them now could be developed.

On the Internet, there are other protocols apart from the world wide web (www) that allows us to visit web pages, and these protocols are the following

SMTP: Allows the sending of emails (email).

FTP: It allows the transmission of files and is used on most occasions to be able to upload files to a web server.

P2P: Allows file sharing between users. The most popular P2P service in Internet history was Napster, which allowed the exchange of music files (MP3) between users and was later closed by the FBI.

IRC: This allows the exchange of instant messaging and the transmission of multimedia content.

VOIP or IPTV: This allows you to communicate through voice over the Internet through the IP protocol.

SSH or Telnet: Allows remote access to other devices such as computers.

The Internet does not belong to any government, and each network system sets its political measures

The IP address and DNS that is as if they were your identification card on the Internet. Internet organizes by the non-profit organization ICANN, for example, which allows the registration of domains.

Why is the Internet important?

Internet is important because it allows real-time communication, and information or transmits multimedia files instantly worldwide or to anyone who is currently connected to the network.

It is imperative because we can freely access world information through internet search engines to acquire knowledge in real-time from various sources.

Everyone has a place to be able to inform and communicate any information on a global scale.

Something formerly unthinkable given that communication has always been handled by the sizeable private publishing companies or public government companies centuries ago.

Thanks to the Internet, we have social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social networks to communicate, share, and disseminate what we find meaningful and exciting.

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