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Welding Technology Write For Us

Welding Technology

 Welding Technology Write For Us


Welding Technology Write For Us – Welding is a process used to join metal parts, and it consists of an electric current to superheat and melt the metal, which is fixed. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

Welding is a manufacturing process that allows you to combine two or more materials to assemble them. Metals or plastics are melted with heat and serve as a joining mass that, when cooled, perfectly fixes any other object.

Different types of welding

MMA or manual electrode welding

The electric current creates a voltaic arc between a consumable coated electrode rod and the base metal of the bond to be welded.

The angle provides the heat needed to melt the metal, and the electrode acts as a filler material for fixation. It is the most used type due to its versatility and application possibilities.

MIG or gas metal arc welding

A welding wire is a wire that is fed with current continuously and functions as a joining material. The electric current creates a voltaic arc between a continuous consumable wire and the base metal of the joint for welding.

This way, welding is achieved at a higher speed and in difficult positions. In addition, the wire and the metal base are protected from environmental contamination by a gas mixture.

ICT or arc welding, tungsten and gas welding

This type of welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create the electric arc.

A gas mixture protects the electrode and metal base.

If the base metal requires it, a contribution can use as a filler electrode.

The result is high-quality welding, but it requires some skill to apply.

Tips for welding

Before you start welding, clean the surface of the base metal from paint and rust.

It is convenient to weld at a suitable speed.

If it is made too slow, the holes can make on the surface of the metal.

If the pace is breakneck, the metal may not get hot enough to melt it, and the weld will be thin.

Metal may remain accumulated around the weld. It is what is called scum. Use a wire brush to clean it.

Protection gas in welding

Shielding gas often plays a vital role in weld productivity and quality. The shielding gas protects the solidifying molten weld from oxidation, impurities, and air moisture.

The protection gas also cools the welding gun. The most common components of the shielding gas are argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.

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