What Is Brand Person: Differentiate Your Company With This Strategy

Brand Persona and Buyer Persona are two different concepts in marketing, and both can help your business perform better at communicating with your audience. No matter what type of company you are running, there is a high chance you can benefit from these concepts. Such as legal firms like Fair Credit Law Firm, or even large tech companies like Apple.

But while a buyer is referring to those their business wants to talk to, the brand’s personality dictates how to do it.


A company has to learn a lot of relevant topics about itself in order to reach the big leagues, and brand personality is one of them.

While we strive to generate brand conversations that speak our consumers’ language, there is one part of a brand that always shines: the brand personality.

It’s about the qualities that stand out in your text, the message you want to convey, and the reception.

What is a personal brand?

To introduce you to a brand personality, we couldn’t do better than Apple in 2006 with its “Get a Mac” campaign.

It perfectly embodies the concept in a series of short videos that show the interaction of two characters: a Mac and a PC. The short video below is a master class in branding character creation.

In this piece, the guys on Mac and PC introduce themselves to the camera and joke about what each of them can or can’t do.

The features of each brand are personalized.

That would be the general concept of a personal brand. It’s what people in your brand perceive every time they interact with your products, social media content, and customer relations department.

It is of strategic importance to companies because they represent the most critical aspects of your business.

By understanding the marketing department’s understanding of user data.

The good people of the brand see themselves as someone their customers want to interact with in real life.

Authenticity is essential to a functioning brand image as it helps build trust and maintain a good relationship with customers throughout their lifecycle.

Brand Person

How do you build a brand image?

Now that you’ve fully understood what branding is, it’s time to move on to an important topic: how it’s built.

After all, brands are not like Mac and PC types. They don’t exist in the real world and need to be created based on certain aspects of your audience.

So let’s go through it step by step to create a branding image.

1. Understand what your brand is all about

Building a brand image and building a brand itself are very similar things when you look at them closely.

Both processes require a better understanding of the company’s mission, promise, essence, and pillars.

To create a branding image for your business, first, see how it differs from the competition. These are the crucial things to make your brand personality stand out.

2. Take a close look at your customers

Another essential thing to keep in your mind when building a branding image is that personalizing your business should allow you to easily interact with your customer.

For this to work, the brand’s personality traits must complement the buyer’s personality.

So, research the ages of your viewers, what they see on TV, and how they communicate. This will be crucial in determining who your personal brand is.

3. Find out who you are

A person doesn’t have to be a person. An object, picture, animal, and even a cartoon version of your company can be people.

The goal is for you to represent the characteristics of your company well. Therefore, it would not be surprising if an insurance company that wants to be perceived as trustworthy represents your personality as a purebred dog.

Conceptually, your persona can be anything. This is how you map and build your personality by developing a tone of voice, graphic style, and other key traits.

All of these properties are well researched by your social media marketing team and can be seen from a mile away. Hence, you are inspired to interact and develop a relationship with this fast-food giant.

What are the advantages of a brand image?

“What does a company have to gain by building a brand image?” more goal-oriented professionals might ask.

Not only will a brand rep show exactly what tone to use in all interactions with customers, but they can also help with many of your digital marketing KPIs.

Brand Person

Here are a few examples of how a company can benefit from a good brand image. You will see that this is the way to more participation online and offline.

Differentiate your company with a brand image

Among the reasons to build and improve Its image over the years, this is the main one.

After all, marketing is about differentiation.

There are probably at least some companies that compete with yours, directly or indirectly.

Branding can help your business develop relationships with customers quickly so that you can be the first choice in a competitive environment.

If there are two options with similar quality and benefits, customers choose the one that most identifies them. If your message gets across on a personal level, It is a point for your brand.

Show the actual benefits your brand has to offer

Brand people have the most important task: to show customers the real benefits of your brand.

However, it’s a lot easier when you have a well-developed brand image.

A company that can arouse a certain feeling in the customer through its brand image must show that its product also has these properties.

Think, for example, of Harley-Davidson and her freedom-seeking, America-loving character.

The benefits from these characteristics and can therefore exude such attractiveness when building high-performance motorcycles.

Keep your customers closer.

Nowadays nothing is more powerful in marketing than relevant data on customer intentions and perceptions. And brands find that they are much easier to reach when they have well-developed.

It help you speak and be heard with your audience. It makes it easier for them to take surveys and get them excited about your content, bringing more relevant data to the table.

Success stories: 3 companies that stand out in their brand personality

Brand Person

We started this article by looking at a classic Apple ad, but it’s not the only company that has a good look at its brand personality.

Many other companies around the world have worked hard to showcase their brand personality.

Let’s see them!

1. McDonald’s

Although many other fast food chains have grown in popularity over the past few decades, McDonald’s is still the one that comes closest to coming to mind when you think of this type of food.

There is no other company with a brand image that most Americans are more familiar with.

McDonald’s is a great place for families to eat comfortably across the country. It appeals to adults and young children and is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All of these properties are well researched by your social media marketing team and can be seen from a mile away. Hence, you are inspired to interact and develop a relationship with this fast food giant.

2. Disney

Disney is one of the brands that can teach us a lot about the characters of the brand. After all, it is exhausting to be known as the most magical place in the world.

For about a century, Disney has been building the idea that dreams can come true. You have one of the most powerful brand personalities a marketer can imagine.

By putting the customer first and ensuring that their needs and expectations are met, Disney is a benchmark in both its field and its marketing strategy.

3. Red Bull

Red Bull is not only a leader when it comes to energy drinks. The business is also known in the marketing world for its customer relationships and the experience that comes with them.

Of course, your brand personality will follow these steps and be as brave, open-minded, and energetic as possible.

Because of this, he easily interacts with both professional athletes and the happy, partying audience that follows the brand on social media.

The idea that Red Bull “gives you wings” is a big part of your brand personality and makes sure it is visible in every part of your communication.



A brand person is the personification of your company: your goals, how you want to present yourself to customers, and what you can offer. That is why it is such an important tool in building a successful online brand.

Building a brand image is only part of a complete online presence strategy. So, do some research and read our complete guide to digital marketing!

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