Advantages of Asset Performance Monitoring

Asset Performance Monitoring (APM) with MicroAI provides valuable information to the end-user and eliminates human error.

This article introduces APM and explains how to detect it using MicroAI Asset Performance Anomalies.

MicroAI is a cutting-edge AI calculation that makes machines acute and devices more secure.

MicroAI helps build a good foundation for new developers who are just beginning to learn about AI and machine learning.

It features a straightforward use case and shows the drawbacks of checking resources without the advantages of MicroAI.

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APM scalability

Asset Management

It can also perform APM on a large scale, such as in factories and greenhouses.

And also can implement it on a small scale, such as coffee pots, microwave ovens, computers, and other surveillance. IOT compatible device.

It is also possible to use APM with non-IoT devices.

It means you can use APM to monitor the performance of virtually any type of asset.

This scalability and flexibility are essential because IoT devices continue to fill almost all industry and market segments.

Simple use case

Let’s look at an older version of the refrigerator.

It just needs electricity and is not dependent on smart devices.

You can use the sensor to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Once the sensor implements, it will monitor the performance of the next available MicroAI refrigerator and detect any anomalies.

Since we monitor the temperature, we can code a script to notify us when the temperature falls below the desired value.

This notification allows sending in various formats, including text messages, email, and audible alerts.

The combination of APM and MicroAI offers endless possibilities for improving virtually any asset management and control.

Benefits of APM (asset performance monitoring) and MicroAI

In the refrigerator example above, the integration of APM and MicroAI provides some specific benefits.

Micro AI

Asset Performance Monitoring and MicroAI include:

  • Eliminate errors associated with human monitoring and manual measurements
  • Reduced reliance on human surveillance and reduced support staff
  • Speed ​​up incoming data and implement appropriate actions
  • Ability to provide 24×7 asset monitoring, regardless of time or asset location
  • It improves the overall performance of the monitored assets, improves operational performance, and reduces costs.
  • A higher level of customer satisfaction through enhanced performance of field assets
  • AI and ML capabilities that enable predictive analytics and facilitate longer asset lifecycles.
  • And much more.

The above information only provides a basic view of the benefits of combining APM principles with cutting-edge MicroAI technology.

We have only covered one type of device (refrigerator) here, but the principles described apply to the entire host of IoT-enabled devices.

As the number of IoT devices grows, it becomes increasingly important to implement solutions that provide automated management.


It’s tough to keep a trail of all the pieces that make up a company’s IT.

With good asset management, it’s easier to know when items are lost or stolen and address underlying causes – like too much access to storage areas – and reduce vulnerabilities.

And also can start recovery efforts quickly.


An IT asset performance system can help you streamline your IT operations, achieve compliance.

It provides you with financial accountability, gains visibility into asset usage, better controls your IT infrastructure, and reduces costs.

Now that you’ve realized the value of using an IT asset management system, the next thing to do is identify which ITAM software is right for your business.


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