Best Movies You Can Watch At a Sleepover

Having a sleepover is one of the most amazing things to do with your friends and during the winter, these can add a lot to your friendships. During the pandemic when people were confined in their homes, there was limited contact of the people with their loved ones.

Many activities like watching movies, hosting ceremonies, playing multiplayer games and even hosting graduation parties were limited. One of the main reasons was that people missed meeting in-person and interacted only using their home phones and internet services.

Moreover, you can host a Sleepoverthis Holiday Season and do some amazing and fun activities with your friends. And also, you can add more to your Sleep Overs by watching a movie with your friends and have more fun.

If you are a Spectrum Cable TV user, you can watch some amazing movies and shows for your Sleepover on one of the Cable TV channels offered by Spectrum. You can order Spectrum’s Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone services using Spectrum chat or by calling on the number provided on their website. Let’s have a look at some of the movies that you can enjoy on your Sleepover.

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13 Going On 3013 Going On 30

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

The movie is set to be in the year 1987 where a geeky girl named Jenna has the urge to become a popular girl at school and persuades the Six Chicks who were the most popular band of girls to attend her 13th birthday if she gets their homework done.

Jenna has a best friend named Matt who liked her and made her a dollhouse for her birthday gift and gives her a packet of magic wishing dust that he sprinkled on the roof of the dollhouse. Moreover, on her birthday, the Six Chick arrive with some of the cutest boys in the class and trick her by blindfolding her in a closet and made her believe that it’s a game they are playing.

They leave the party with their completed homework with Jenna still waiting for them in the closet. Jenna becomes extremely sad and wishes that she was a flirty 30-year old with a successful life as the magic dust gets poured on her.

Her wish becomes true and she wakes up in the year 2004 and is now a wealthy 30-year old with no memory of the 17 years that passed within a night. However, she comes across some astonishing claims about herself and the things she did in the 17 years that she does not have an idea about.

So, after many twists and turns she reawakens in the year 1987 on her birthday and Matt finds her and takes the moment as a second chance and marry to Matt in the year 2004. The movie is an ideal pick for you if you think that being a teenager is not a good thing and want to experience the challenges one can face as an adult.

IMDb Rating: 6.2

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Genre: Romance, Comedy

A student of Fashion Merchandising and sorority girl named Elle Woods goes to an expensive restaurant by Warner Huntington III having in mind that he would propose to her, instead he breaks up with her. He wanted to attend Harvard Law School and become a successful politician and had the opinion that Elle might not want to be up for such a life.

However, with the hope of getting Warner back, Elle gets in a struggle to show Warner that she can do the same things as Warner and starts studying. She finally gets a score of 179 on the Law School Admission Test and with her 4.0 GPA gets acceptance to Harvard Law School.

Soon Elle finds that Warner is engage to his former girlfriend named Vivian who thinks that Elle is a fool. After a series of events Warner asks Elle to be with him.

But this time Elle rejects him because of his shallow personality and after a few years graduates successfully and Warner graduates with no honors, has no job and has no girlfriend. The movie is totally amazing for people who need some motivation in life and want to explore their potential.

IMDb Rating: 6.4

She’s All That 

She’s All That

Genre: CoEntertainmentmedy, Romance

Southern California high school’s big man named Zack has a popular and narcissistic girlfriend named Taylor. Who cheats on him with a crude reality TV star named Brock who she met when she was on Spring Break at Florida’s Daytona Beach, Florida.

However, both of them end their relationship and part ways. Zack tries to console himself that nobody can replace his former girlfriend. Zack’s friend named Dean disagrees with the claim and challenges him to a bet where he has to accept the fact that Zack has what it takes to turn any girl into the Prom Queen in six weeks.

Dean selects an unpopular and dork art student named Laney who lives a solitary life. Zacks makes several attempts on Laney and after many failed attempts turns her into a prom queen who competes against Taylor.

After some time when Laney starts falling for Zack, Dean develops an interest in her that aggravates Zack. The movie is full of high school drama and love situations and if you have an interest in such movies then She’s All That is the movie that you should watch for your Sleepover.

IMDb Rating: 5.9


We can conclude here by saying that Sleepovers is one of the best activity you can do during the Holiday Season and get all warm and cozy and hangout with each other.

You can arrange some thematic movie nights and play any of the above-mentioned movies and more to make your Sleepovers an amusing experience.

To make your movie nights as memorable and fun as possible. You can also think about watching movies like Easy A, High School Musical, Pitch Perfect and many others and make things more exciting.

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