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White Label Drone Services Case Study: In this case study, we will examine how a leading agricultural technology company, AgriTech Innovations, successfully integrated white label drone services into its operations to improve farm efficiency and safety. AgriTech Innovations specializes in providing innovative solutions that help farmers maximize their crop yields and minimize their environmental impact.

White Label Drone Services Case Study

Challenge:White Label Drone Services Case Study

AgriTech Innovations faced several challenges in its quest to modernize agriculture:

  • Precision Farming: The company aimed to provide farmers with accurate data on crop health, soil conditions and pest infestation to optimize farming practices. Traditional methods were time-consuming and less accurate.
  • Safety and Compliance: Operating drones requires knowledge of aviation safety regulations and standards. AgriTech Innovations lacked the internal expertise to navigate this complex landscape.
  • Cost-Effective: Developing and maintaining a fleet of drones and the necessary software and hardware was expensive and resource-intensive.

Solution:White Label Drone Services Case Study

AgriTech Innovations has decided to work with AeroScan Drones, a white-label drone service provider, to address these challenges. AeroScan Drones provided a comprehensive solution, including:

  • Custom Drone Hardware: AeroScan Drones provided AgriTech Innovations with custom drones equipped with dedicated sensors for crop monitoring and soil analysis.
  • Data analytics platform: They also provided access to a robust data analytics platform that processed data captured by drones to generate helpful information for farmers.
  • Compliance and Training: AeroScan Drones ensured all drone operations complied with FAA regulations and trained AgriTech Innovations employees on safe and legal drone operations.

Implementation:White Label Drone Services Case Study

The implementation of white label drone services into AgriTech Innovations’ operations took place in the following steps:

  • Assessment: AeroScan Drones thoroughly assessed AgriTech Innovations’ needs and goals to tailor their solution accordingly.
  • Hardware deployment: Custom drones were deployed at AgriTech Innovations agricultural sites. AeroScan Drones took care of all maintenance and repair work.
  • Data collection: The drones regularly collected data on plant health, soil condition, and pest infestation.
  • Data analysis: The data collected was uploaded to AeroScan Drones’ analysis platform, which provided farmers with real-time insights and recommendations.
  • Training and Support: AeroScan Drones provided AgriTech Innovations staff with extensive training to ensure they could operate drones safely and effectively.

Results: White Label Drone Services Case Study

Results: White Label Drone Services Case Study

The integration of white label drone services brought significant benefits to AgriTech Innovations:

  • Greater Efficiency: Farmers could make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, resulting in higher crop yields and less wasted resources.
  • Cost Savings: AgriTech Innovations saved costs associated with developing and maintaining its fleet of drones.
  • Safety and Compliance: Working with experts, AgriTech Innovations ensured total compliance with aviation regulations and minimized safety risks.
  • Market expansion: AgriTech Innovations offered farmers a more comprehensive range of services, thus expanding its market reach.

Many modern IT and marketing companies outsource or use white label companies and services to offer specialized services without investing in their product development.

However, It is estimated that the white label drone services will grow from US$13.9 billion in 2021 to US$40.7 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 23.8% from 2021 to 2026. It is estimated that North America will have the largest share of the drone services market in 2021.

 Case Studies – White Label Drone Services Case Study

Case Studies - White Label Drone Services Case Study

Some of the white label drone services case studies are as follow down

1. Get the Door. It’s Drone: The future of flying food deliveries

  • Drones recognize as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft. These are aerial vehicles, automatically controlled by wireless applications and cameras, without having an onboard operator. Moreover, Drones vary in size and can be as small as an insect or as large as mini aeroplanes.
  • Some have fixed wings, while others have rotating fans. They can use runways or can take off and land vertically. and a pilot can control a drone’s flights.
  • A pilot can control it on the ground, in another vehicle, by a navigator, or directly through remotely held computers. They predominantly deploy for military purposes; however, they use and experiment for various civilian and industrial use.
  • Drones have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and reach their consumers. However, a severe dilemma exists when drones deliver food to customers since there are significant pros and cons.

2. Falcon UAV and Scopito’s White Label partnership.

  • A leading aerospace company in the MENA region, Falcon Aviation, recognized the benefits of a white label partnership for its new UAS division.
  • Ground Chief Pilot George had a vision for the Falcon’s future. Wanting to bring drones and UAS systems into the company, he built Falcon Aviation’s UAS division with Keiwan.
  • However, they hit a snag when it came to data management. They opted for a white label partnership considering the risks and benefits rather than venturing into an expensive and risky development.

3. A Scorpio White Label Solution.

  • Scorpio today is worlds away from Scopito in 2014, both in features, design and backend infrastructure. Shaped by thousands of users over millions of hours, the analytics platform has become stable and secure even in extreme conditions.
  • The industry moved more slowly back then: Scopito evolved and grew with it. Today is a different story. The initiative advances and grows in all directions, which does not allow for the slow and gradual development of supporting software; Today, it’s all about speed and efficiency.
  • Moreover, not many companies have the time to develop and maintain their software platform, and those who often surprised at just how much experience is worth in the process.
  • That’s why they started Scopitos White Label; bring the benefits of our established and stable software to others with a white label that our customers can create themselves.

4. Drone Delivery Reliability for Time

  • Sensitive Medical Supplies with Stochastic Demand and Meteorological Conditions

5. South Africa’s First Fully Digital Drone Insurance

  • Brisk White Label enables insurers and retailers to access the digital marketplace through a white-label user interface.

What is a White label?

Whenever a company buys a white label solution, they make everything related to the software platform our own. It still functions and runs like Scopito (which you want), but the name is theirs, the look is theirs. The platform is yours.

White labelling saves time and upfront costs, but the true ROI comes from the lack of maintenance costs.

White Label Drone Services Case Study – Services Market

White Label Drone Services Case Study - Services Market

Drone services rapidly replace legacy service applications in the commercial sector, such as B. aerial photography, filmography and search and rescue. They operate over long periods and remotely by human operators or autonomously by remote computers.

Drone services have increased in various civil and commercial applications due to their high endurance and low operating costs. In addition, the incorporation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud computing into drone services expect to further boost demand in various sectors.

Types of Services – White Label Drone Services Case Study

  • Based on type, white-label drone services segment into platforms MRO, and simulation and training. The platform segment expects to show the highest CAGR over the forecast period, driven by its higher data collection efficiency, affordability, and global accessibility of drone services.
  • Based on Industry, white-label drone services has been segmented into Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Defense & Law Enforcement, Media & Entertainment, Scientific Research, Insurance, Aviation, Marine, Medical & Social Healthcare Support, as well Transport, logistics and storage.
  • The health and social services segment expects to see the strongest growth due to increased investments in the region during the COVID period to supply test samples and vaccines.
  • Solution-based white label drone services segmenting into end-to-end and point solutions.
  • The end-to-end solutions segment would see the most significant growth during the forecast period.
  • due to the increasing demand for complete solutions, including piloting and operations to data analytics and processing.
  • Based on Application, the white label drone services has been segmented into Inspection & Surveillance, Mapping & Surveying, Spraying & Seeding, Filming & Photographing Transportation & Delivery, and Security, Search & Rescue.

Among these applications, the transportation and delivery segment expects to dominate the market with the highest CAGR during the forecast period due to the increasing demand for express parcel delivery services in the healthcare industry driven by the coronavirus outbreak—covid19 pandemic.

North America is likely to have the most significant market share.

North America projects to hold the highest market share. The regional market’s growth is attributed to the growing trend of online shopping via e-commerce platforms.

Market winners in the field of drone services are Cyberhawk (UK), Sky-Futures Ltd. (UK), senseFly Ltd. (Switzerland), DroneDeploy Inc. (USA), Terra Drone Corporation (Japan), PrecisionHawk (USA) and Aerodyne Group (Malaysia). However, these key players offer applicable drones for different sectors. They have strong and well-resourced distribution networks in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the World (RoW).

Research Coverage – White Label Drone Services Case Study

The white label drone services segment into platforms, MRO, and simulation and training based on the type of service provided.

Firstly, Based on Application, the Drone Services Market has been segmented into Inspection & Surveillance, Mapping & Surveying, Spraying & Seeding, Filming & Photographing Transportation & Delivery, and Security, Search & Rescue.

Secondly, Based on Industry, the Drone Services Market has been segmented into Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Defense & Law Enforcement, Media & Entertainment, and Research.


AgriTech Innovations’ partnership with AeroScan Drones and the integration of white label drone services not only improved efficiency and safety in agriculture but also positioned the company as a leader in the precision agriculture industry. This case study highlights the potential benefits of leveraging white label drone services in various industries to enhance operations and achieve strategic objectives.

Drones symbolize up-and-coming technology, which uses for unlimited applications. Several types of drones use currently for various purposes, mainly on a test basis or research. Drones are beneficial for carrying loads avoiding hurdles such as traffic or access to remote areas. Although drones use in other businesses, their use for food delivery is investigative. Domino’s Pizza and Chipotle Restaurant conducted Several experiments.


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