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Bitcoin is a virtual currency or electronic medium of exchange shaped in January 2009; like any other currency, it is used to purchase products and services. The dissimilarity with the traditional currencies of the rest of the world – such as the peso or the dollar – is that it is not at the expense of a central bank.

Bitcoin does not depend on any financial authority, and it does not exist physically. But this currency is decentralized, which means there is no authority or control body responsible for issuing and recording its movements. It consists of a cryptographic key connected to a virtual wallet that gives discounts and accepts payments.

The cryptocurrency was shaped in 2009 when someone with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto emailed an article to cryptography and digital code experts. He described the properties of this digital money. He added a code with which the so-called “mining” of this virtual currency.

The process of validating and executing transactions can be carried out. The initiative of having a safe currency outside of the system and control of the banks was fashionable. More and more people adopted it to conduct transactions, and it gradually became popular.

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How do Bitcoin works?

It is born and lives on the blockchain (chain of blocks).  Simplifying, the blockchain is a public, transparent, and safe database in the hands of every user who desires to use it to exchange information, goods, or services.

This makes it so safe because the only method for these types of operations to be credited is for everyone to have the same copies. Virtual currencies have flourished thanks to this blockchain system, and bitcoin is the highest value and the one with the most increased adoption. It is the first use case of blockchain technology globally, and it is “super secure, there has never been a case that operations have been duplicated in the blockchain.

Where can you buy Bitcoins?

There are several sites where you can buy bitcoins. Some platforms have a large user base and pay with your credit card or bank transfer.

What can I buy with Bitcoins?

At the moment, you can’t buy anything with bitcoins. As with any other currency, it depends on who offers the service or product you are trying to buy who will accept it. And yet, many companies (and many people) do not take it.

Bitcoin is not a physical currency, and there is no issuer like a bank that people can go to to get it. It’s still possible to “mine” them, although complex. If you only want to invest in this cryptocurrency, the easiest way is through investment platforms.

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