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Computer Virus Write For Us

A computer virus is a spiteful program or malware that contaminates the operating system of electronic systems such as computers or smartphones.

This program will enter your system by being embedded within the ordinary file as a code. When you run the file, the “infectious” action of the virus deploys. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

The purpose of these viruses can range from simple jokes to personal information or the destruction of files and computers.

This type of process is unnoticed by users. Hence the importance of protecting the operating systems of devices with programs called “antivirus”.

Characteristics of computer viruses

  • They remain dormant in the device’s RAM, even when the program is not executing.
  • They infect the files on the hard drive.
  • They spread to other devices by sharing files.
  • They are executable; they parasitically host in other programs they run.
  • They run or act only when the scheduled conditions have been met, which, for example, can be a specific date or when getting a certain number of replications on the device.
  • They affect or make impossible the development of the team.
  • Each virus has a specific goal: to slow down computers, destroy files, obtain secret information (e.g. bank details), etc.
  • They mutate every other time, which makes them difficult to detect.

Types of computer viruses

There is a wide variety of computer viruses. Still, these can group widely into viruses that affect files, called direct-acting viruses, and viruses that affect the device’s boot, called resident viruses. The third type of virus has been added to this pair, called the Multipartite type.

  • According to their goals and methods, the types of viruses are usually best known by the following names:
  • Trojans, also called Trojan horses, intend to obtain personal information from the user without the user detecting it by inadvertently entering the system.
  • Backdoors:  a “backdoor” allows a third party to introduce infected files into the system. It is similar to the Trojan.
  • Boot virus or boot virus: Starts when you boot the operating system.
  • Time bombs: that silently resides in the system and are activated only from a moment programmed by their creator.
  • Macro viruses:  that are embedded in files that contain macro, particularly doc, xls and ppt.
  • Worms: are those that replicate within the computer system and spread through the Internet (email), infecting anyone who receives messages from the infected account.
  • Hijackers: this is a class of virus that controls the Internet browser, changes the home page, adds pop-up advertising, installs tools in the bar without the user’s consent and, finally, prevents access to specific web pages.
  • Keyloggers: is a virus that captures the key and runs without notice to reveal what the user type on the screen. It is mainly to use obtain passwords.
  • Zombie refers to viruses that allow remote computer control by a third party.

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