What is home automation in programming and computing? 

Until ten years ago, it seemed impossible for our homes, offices, or buildings to be completely optimized to the point of controlling a good part of these environments. Today, this is possible as long as the necessary conditions in terms of infrastructure are met. This is where telematics and everything related to telecommunications comes into play.

Have you heard of the Internet of Things and home Automation? Maybe so, but you may not yet be aware of what this technology means and the communication system behind it. So today, you will have the opportunity to learn more about this technology that is increasingly being implemented in many homes worldwide.

Definition of home automation in computing

home automation

This term in computing refers to a computerized information system capable of optimizing, controlling, and managing a home, building, office, or similar facility. This is as long as each device these places host is connected to a single network. Therefore, it is essential to mention that for a home automation system to work correctly, a network must be on site, and every electronic device must be connected.

The idea is to have a system that maintains constant communication with each team. This is achieved through an electrical system or a computer network that we currently know as a LAN network. So, to define home automation, we can summarize it in the following key points:

  • Electronic system, which is made up of a wired network.
  • They can control almost anything that is connected to the network.
  • It optimizes a device, equipment, or system and leads to automation.
  • Provides comfort, well-being, and security.
  • Convert a conventional home into a smart one.
  • It helps save energy.
  • It can work by voice command.

As you can imagine, everything in your home or office, considered a smart device, can be controlled. This technology is also known as the Internet of Things because conventional equipment we use manually becomes automated. In addition, it is used to control electrical networks, communication systems, and even surveillance.

What is home automation, according to the authors?

As such, the concept and definition behind this word do not change at all, regardless of the author. They all agree with precisely the same thing we have already explained. If you check the websites of technology companies, you will find that their definition of home automation is the same. Only for practical purposes do they explain in better detail and use easy-to-understand examples. All this with the intention that the person understands what this technology can be used for and thus be able to sell a service that will help optimize and automate the home.

What are the characteristics of home automation?

We could give you many characteristics based on the Internet of Things. However, some are more important, and that, in a certain way, helps lay the foundations for this technology. These aspects or characteristics are:

Greater efficiency in electrical consumption

Despite being a system that works mainly with energy, home automation means low electricity consumption. This is because a limit can be established regarding the energy consumed.

Better security

Security is one of the main aspects that leads the user to opt for this technology and type of communication. It’s all due to the constant improvements and updates launched on the market. So, privacy policies when installing master home automation software will not be a problem.

Flexibility when adapting to a new technological environment

Although this may seem challenging to understand and control at first, it is a type of technology that is extremely easy to learn and use.

What applications can be given to home automation?

home automation

This will depend on how much you want to cover in your home and why you want a home automation system. For example, you can use this for a better video surveillance system. This is perfect when you are far from an enclosure and have no one to take care of the place. So yes, those videos where people use their mobile phones to check each surveillance camera installed are authentic.

Otherwise, what happens when you want to optimize most of your devices with voice commands? For this, each of the computers must be connected to the network. With prior configuration, you can activate, deactivate, pause, start an action, or change something with voice commands. This makes it much easier for any user and helps create a much cleaner environment free of visible cables.

Thanks to this technology’s work, you can implement it according to your tastes, needs, and possibilities.

How does home automation work in computing and programming?

The works through a general sensor or, in most cases, a group of sensors responsible for information. It is possible to configure each of these to do a specific task through software. These can range from capturing an image, movement, or command by voice or sound from going hand in hand with each device’s compatibility with the home automation system. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with a programming library since everything comes with an interface the user can understand and use.

What is the relationship between home automation and building automation?

Both technologies are related and could be said to be the same. There are some subtle differences, but they are there. For example, home automation focuses on controlling intelligent systems and applications while building automation optimizes properties in a large venue. The existing relationship is the control of devices; what differentiates them from each other is the complexity of the device or system to control and automate.

for collecting data

How expensive is home automation?

The truth is that there is no standard value that we can give you since the value depends on each company that specializes in this field, in addition to other aspects. What we can tell you is that the final discount will depend on the following:

  • The quantity and type of elements you want to automate will be related to the sensors.
  • The architecture where you want to work and its complexity.
  • What are the functions that you want to implement?
  • The system to install and the manufacturer.
  • What typology will be used: centralized or decentralized?

What are the benefits of home automation?

Regarding aesthetics, home automation allows you a better visual finish in your home, office, or any other room. Of course, this will depend on whether it is a voice or command system.

Another aspect to consider is the energy you save, which can benefit those who worry about monthly bills.

On the other hand, it is a system and technology that helps you have better control regarding the issue of surveillance.



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