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Google Nest Write for Us

Google Nest Wall Mount Write For Us

The usual Google Home is a speaker, while the Google Nest Hub incorporates a screen. A screen that can also serve as a photo frame (when we’re not using the device) and adapts to ambient light to blend in with the environment. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

What functions does the Google Nest hub offer?

You may instantly obtain assistance in any room of your home with Google Nest Hub. Additionally, thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, you can always view your greatest and most recent Google Photos photographs. Your linked devices can also be seen and managed from a single dashboard.

How many different voices can Google Nest identify?

Voice Match can be activated for a whole house or particular Assistant-connected gadgets, such as a speaker, smart display, or smartwatch. Voice Match for a home can be enabled in the Google Home app by up to 6 users. Find out more about Voice Match and individual outcomes.


This outlet wall mount is upgraded and designed for Google Nest Mini and Google Home Mini. It contains a small adapter ring to fit the Google Home Mini plug. Flexibility can be replaced as needed, and it is easy to install and remove.

Excellent Cable Management

To protect your intelligent Mini Google speaker from messy cables, our wall mount hanger has built-in, perfect cable management, which can easily hide the charging cable behind, saving space while maintaining beauty.

Better Sound Experience

The unique design makes the hook part fit more into the wall socket. Thus the device is firmly fixed on the wall. Keeps your smart speaker on the wall vertically, there will be no loss of voice or sound, giving you a good listening experience.

Easy and Convenient

Easy installation, plug in the outlet without using tools or drilling holes. Protect your Google Nest Mini and Google Home Mini from spill-prone areas and free up valuable counter space. Perfect for bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.

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