How to advertise your business on Google effectively

Knowing how to advertise your business on Google is a handy tool. Due to the diversity of options offered by this search platform, advertising can be adapted to any business.

Also, when we take advantage of the benefits of Google, we can analyze the statistics to understand how to sell more. Our sales strategy is more assertive by studying our clients and their trends.

Do you know what is best? With the content you share on your website and networks, you can more easily drive traffic, increasing engagement and visibility for your business.

SEO and SEM What is the difference?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of a series of techniques applied to the web page. This is to improve the positioning of the page in search results.

Using SEO, you get organic growth, that is, without investing money in advertising. This technique seeks to share relevant information with potential buyers, which allows for strengthening the emotional bond with our company.

SEO helps you rank organically in search engines. SEM focuses on advertising campaigns to appear in the first results.

For his part, the search Engine Machine ( SEM) refers to advertising campaigns that increase visibility in search engines. By paying for an ad, we become visible on different pages and appear in the first results.

Google ads

Google ads

How to sell online? Google ads allow you to increase traffic to our page, which can be reflected in higher sales. In addition, it is possible to manage the regions where our marketing campaign will be available.

We can select the type of devices on which the ad will appear. By segmenting, we more easily reach our ideal audience. In addition, we can study statistics to make the necessary adjustments.

With Google ads, you can choose the type of devices where your ad will appear and target your posts.

On this platform, you pay for results, that is, for each click that leads to your page. The best thing is that you can start with any budget and increase it as your business grows.

How to advertise your business on Google

To know how to advertise your business on Google, it is essential to know the different options offered by this platform. There are five different ways to implement the use of Google AdWords:

  • Search Network
  • display network
  • Google Shopping
  • idea
  • app campaign

The search network generates an ad for buyers looking for a specific service or product. In other words, our ad will appear in the search engine when users use the exact keywords.

The display network consists of placing advertising on third-party pages and blogs. This is done through relevant or related sites to our brand. With this, the campaign seeks solutions for those who still do not know our products.

Google Shopping consists of appearing as a suggestion in searches for related products. This allows the user to find various options and compare between different vendors.

Video advertising is implemented through Google’s video-related sites, such as YouTube. Here you use pay-per-view to increase the brand’s presence in the buyer’s mind.

Finally, through the applications, Google uses your concepts to generate an ad. This allows you to profile the campaign’s reach more effectively since it appears in various formats and social networks. How to advertise your business on Google? The first thing you need is a website. Subsequently, it would help if you created a Google.


  • Account to manage your campaigns. To create a Google Ads ad, it is essential to meet these requirements:
  • company URL
  • qualification
  • Path


The URL of the business will be the final destination of the buyers who are interested in the ad. The headline consists of the first line of the ad text. It is recorded using two strings, separated by a hyphen, with 30 characters.

The path is the short address that will appear, which points to the company’s URL. It also allows you to use two subcategories. Finally, the description has a limit of 80 characters and consists of the text of our ad.

How to advertise your business on Google in an eye-catching way

To generate a striking ad, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition. By taking advantage of tools such as SEO and SEM, we speak directly to our clients, proposing added value.

Keywords reduce costs, as well as increase the relevance of our web campaign. Using them both in the title and the text is recommended. Also, you can highlight important parts of the text by capitalizing certain initials.


There are four types of restrictions on Google ads. The prohibited content and topics are related to the kind of activities and content that the Network of this search engine allows.

In addition, features and ad formats are restricted, limiting the content that can be promoted. Finally, the editorial and technical requirements guarantee a quality standard for the ads.

How to advertise your business on Google following the regulations

To know how to promote your business on Google following the law, you must make sure that the images are in an acceptable format, with sizes between 600 x 314 and 1200 x 628 pixels. Videos must be in these permitted formats.

It’s essential to include only one URL and make sure the language is appropriate for the selected region. Study the competition and be sure to define the objectives of your campaign.

Build your ad!

Dare to build your own Google ad. Once you have created your Google AdWords account, you can access all the tools to configure your advertising in this search engine.

Using the rules of SEO and SEM, you can extend the scope of your campaign, increasing your visibility and, with it, your sales.


To know how to advertise your business on Google effectively, it is essential to know the tools this platform offers. You can reach the right people through this service, analyzing your statistics to adjust your budget.

In Web, Marketing Groupwe has solutions for your business. Come to us and enjoy personalized attention to help you get the best benefits from your digital marketing campaigns.


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