Technological Cosmetics Write For Us

Technological Cosmetics Write For Us

Technological Cosmetics

Technological Cosmetics Write For Us

What are Technological Cosmetics?

Technological Cosmetics Write For Us – Although cosmetic technology has been around for decades, the sector has recently experienced staggering growth, with predictions suggesting it will exceed $34 billion by 2024. Consequently, large cosmetics brands have increased investment and are adopting new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to deliver a high-quality personalized experience.

Artificial intelligence

Our lives are increasingly dependent on technology, and skincare is just one of our routines that have been noticeably affected by digitalization. Artificial intelligence has been responsible for these advances with several apps and devices that can now assess a person’s skin, provide personalized beauty treatments, and recommend products.

A prime example is the Swedish cosmetics company FOREO, which uses user-submitted questionnaires and selfies for its facial massage and cleansing device, Luna Fofo. This massage sponge works efficiently thanks to its sensors, which analyze the user’s skin to generate a unique skincare routine.

Augmented reality

Another way technological cosmetics have influenced this sector is through augmented reality. This innovation allows customers to experiment with various cosmetics, thus improving their experience and facilitating purchasing decisions. ModiFace was one of the pioneers of this movement, with several beauty apps having been adopted by companies such as Sephora and Estée Lauder.

Among the brands working with ModiFace is L’Oréal with its Style My Hair mobile app, which allows users to try different cuts, styles and colours. The world’s leading beauty brand saw this patented technology’s potential, which led to the acquisition of ModiFace in 2018.

Personalized beauty products and cosmetics

Technology is also driving personalization in the cosmetics sector. Consumers prefer to pay for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience. The development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence augmented reality, and 3D printing has fostered the growth of this industry.

3D Printing

Greater personalization has also been achieved in cosmetic products through 3D printing technology. For example, Procter brand u0026 Gamble launched its Precision Skincare System printer that uses a facial recognition algorithm to detect the colour and pigmentation of a user’s skin. This device identifies imperfections before accurately applying small squirts of the correct exact colour makeup to those imperfections. This technology is constantly evolving, and brands use it differently to offer customers a truly innovative product with a personalized experience.

Smart mirrors

Another way that technological cosmetics have to improve the user experience is through the use of smart mirrors, which use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to adjust the image of a person. The technology allows consumers to try virtually different makeup styles, hairstyles and accessories and eliminates the laborious task of removing and adding other makeup products.

The company Coty has executed this technology perfectly with its Wella Professionals Smart Mirror, presented at CES 2019. Carlos helped create the mirror, which offers a live hair colour test and a 360° video capture at all angles and uses facial recognition technology to recover previous styles the user has tried.

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