The rise of the buy bonus slots in online casinos!

Are you looking to skip spinning the reels to land bonus free spins or re-spin games with fixed jackpots and multipliers? The latest addition to online slots is to allow players to buy themselves into the bonus round for a fee!

Online slot developers, also known as software providers, always want to enhance the player experience with new and innovative features. The ‘Bonus Buy’ option is now one of the most current modifications added to slot games, and it fits neatly into any online slot title should the software provider want to include it.

In addition to this, the bonus buy feature is a popular feature upgrade if a slot developer wants to reignite interest in one of its older slot releases. Adding the chance to buy your way into the bonus onto an earlier released slot that didn’t used to have this feature can attract more players to the game while also keeping the software provider’s news pages looking busy.

How do bonus buy slots work?

It is very simple. If the slot game offers a bonus buy feature, you can pay your way into the bonus without spinning the reels. Just click on the ‘feature buy’ or ‘bonus buy’, and the amount you need to pay to buy your way into the bonus will be displayed.

Elvis Frog True Ways – with bonus buy and Chance z2 to Wins

Here’s an example of a bonus buy slot using the demo slot version to show you how the bonus buy works. When you select the ‘Bonus Buy’ option, you can see that it will cost you 100x your spin bet to enter the ’Free Spins’ or ‘Coin Respin’ features. This is 100 coins because the bet is set to 1.00. If your stake were set to the minimum bet of 0.10 per spin on this slot, it would cost you 10.00 coins to enter either of these features.

Bonus Buy Slot RTPs and Volatility

Bonus Buy Slot RTPs and Volatility

  • Bonus Buy RTP: If you are a numbers guru; the ‘Bonus Buy’ feature often comes with a different theoretical RTP versus the main game. It is usually slightly higher. You can check the slot’s pay table or the information section on the slot’s main betting interface to find this information.
  • Bonus Buy Volatility: As you are risking large sums on each bonus buy, for example, 100x for the Elvis Fron Trueways slot playing bonus buy slots comes with high volatility. Quite often, you may not recoup hour investment, but on other occasions, you’ll smash it with big wins far exceeding the cost of buying your way into the feature.

Bonus Buy + Chance x2

One more feature you may have noticed from the Elvis Trueways example above is that bonus buy slots go hand in hand with another feature. The ‘Chance x2’ is an additional option that doubles your chance of getting into a slot’s bonus round. With Chance x2 features, you will still need to spin the reels in search of triggering the bonus. However, you will now have double the number of scatters, symbols, or features available to trigger the bonus, thus doubling your chance of spinning in the bonus round!

How does Chance x2 work?

The slot will add a percentage to your bet once you enable the ‘Double Chance’ or ‘x2 Bonus’ feature. Here are a few examples below.

  • +20% – a £-€-$ 10.00 become £-€-$ 12.00 per spin
  • +25% – a £-€-$ 10.00 would become £-€-$ 12.50 per spin
  • +30% – a £-€-$ 10.00 would become £-€-$ 13.00 per spin
  • +50% – a £-€-$ 10.00 would become £-€-$ 15.00 per spin

What are some of the most popular bonus buy slots?

Everyone has different tastes in online slot themes, features, and gameplay. Therefore, giving you a list of the most popular buy bonus slots may not necessarily offer you a game that catches your eye. However, there are two ways to find out which bonus buy online slot titles are most popularly played on the iGaming scene.

1.      Check your online casino’s ‘Popular’ lobby

Suppose your online casino has a ‘Popular’ section. In that case, the platform will use an algorithm showing the games most played by members and automatically add these titles into this special lobby. In other words, this is where you will find games that are trending right now. You can search for bonus buy slots here.

2.      Industry award-winning bonus buy slots

Industry awards use judges and some even use votes from the public and other companies within the iGaming industry combined with judges to vote for ‘game of the year’.

Here are some bonus slots that have won industry awards:

  • Fishin’ Pots of Gold by Gameburger Studios: International Gaming Awards 2023 ‘Game of the Year’
  • Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play: Global Gaming Awards 2023 ‘Game of the Year’
  • Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play: EGR Operators Awards 2021 ‘Game of the Year’

Using Bonus Buy Slots with Casino Bonus Money Bets!

Lastly, take care when using the bonus buy feature while playing online casino bonuses. Almost all bonuses that allow you to bet using bonus money come with a ‘maximum bet’ allowed while the bonus is active. With bonus buys often requiring you to lay out 50x up to 150x your spin bet, this could put you over the max bet limit and render your bonus invalid.

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