What are Toluna Influencers? – All about the best platform for Influencers

In online surveys, Toluna Influencers is the most recognized site today. Available in 68 countries, this website offers you money for taking surveys and giving your opinion on various topics. With a considerable number of registered users and several years of operation, we can say that this page is relatively well-known. It is responsible for conducting studies on many vital brands, which characterizes it as the best in the field.

Toluna has positioned itself as the most popular in this environment, surpassing in numbers many of its competitors, such as the Livra surveys that work similarly; Lifepoints, Surveoo, and more, also stand out.

Meaning and concept of Toluna influencers

Toluna Influencers


Toluna Influencers is a community made up of thousands and millions of people. This is based on you giving your opinion about a brand or company that pays Toluna because they want to know people’s views about their services and their thoughts about them. This website pays the individuals who formed and are active on it.

Created in Spain, it is free and only used for users. This means that companies and other entities cannot remain on said page. You can register from 14 years of age or older. Only the opportunity to create an account is given to each individual with whom they can start on this exciting site.

With payments through PayPal, bank transfers, and prizes such as Amazon gift cards. Toluna influencer is also available in many countries  in Latin America, such as Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. It is found on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

As for payment, it is given by points; by having accumulated 40,000, you can acquire money. But it will be given to you after a few more, the same as for requesting Amazon gifts. Each survey has an average estimated time of 15 minutes and a value of 1,000 points, with a daily payment made in dollars through PayPal.

What are Toluna influencers for?

It is the most famous survey site; its function is that through it, the answers and opinions of Internet users reach the brands, companies, businesses, and other corporations that are part of it. Thus, through the popular idea of thousands of people, these entities can improve and grow. Despite its name, this does not mean it is only for an influencer; anyone who wants can take surveys on this page.

Users who take the surveys also benefit: these brands pay Toluna for this work. Thus, through this income, the page rewards users with points redeemable for money and rewards they give us, which are collected while surveys are resolved.

How safe and trustworthy are Toluna influencers?

Despite its great fame, many users are somewhat dissatisfied with the app. This one has pros and cons, like other pages, and getting everyone to like it is impossible. Now, we can find a considerable amount of criticisms, reviews, and nasty comments that are written against Toluna. This may be due to various factors affecting this website’s credibility and judgment.

When we searched the Toluna website, we found one or another blog and articles that cast doubt on Toluna. This leads one to think it is a scam since certain information is unavailable. Such as an email or a number to communicate with. In addition, users claim that their location may not be accurate.

Despite negative reviews, Toluna has also garnered positive feedback, confirming its reliability through personal experiences. With a significant online presence, Toluna is a secure website with accurate payments and established contracts, part of the Toluna Group with 13 million users.

How do you register on Toluna influencers?

To register with Toluna influencers, you don’t need much time or effort. It is swift and straightforward; when you enter the official page, you only have to complete the required information. Such as your first and last name and the email of your choice, create a password, and click on register. Then, Toluna will send you an email for you to confirm and verify it.

The best thing is that it doesn’t require much of your personal information; it’s pretty timely. As well as Toluna influencers, it shows you its conditions and terms that, if accepted, will integrate you into this small world of online surveys.

When you begin this experience, they will send you a first survey, which will not be monetized. It could be taken as a test, so how you answer is very important. Then, you will be able to start answering the surveys that are sent to you and earn money with this interactive site. And that’s how easy it is for you to be officially part of it. When you start, you will be given the first 500 points.

How do I log in to Toluna influencers and use my account?

You start the section on your computer or cell phone through the Toluna website or app. Entering the data they ask for, which are the email and password you created when establishing your account. If you forgot the password, you must click on the box that tells you the solution for it, and that is where you can recover the account with your email.

After entering Toluna, the interface is quite simple. Within this site, you will find games and other interactive tools that accumulate points and surveys located in the survey center.


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