What is Dragon Ball Heroes? – All about the anime video game

Some franchises stand out in both the world of anime and video game consoles. This is due, in principle, to the incredible popularity they have, in addition to having experience in creating anime. In this case, we mention a series that is best known worldwide, Dragon Ball Heroes. This anime has a great story and attractive characters like its protagonist Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Vegetto, and others.

The company in charge of directing and animating this franchise is Toei Animation, which has a team leader, supervisors, and other equipment to check the quality of the products. This franchise has different arcs and video games, among which we can highlight Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a game available for consoles, and an animated series with more than 44 episodes. Below, we will teach you everything about the video game and the manga.

Meaning of Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes


Now, when talking about said franchise, we must highlight some spin-offs that were made based on it. One of the most recently created by Akira Toriyama is Dragon Ball Heroes, which, among its different merchandise, we have a video game for the Nintendo 3DS console, an animated series or anime, and a toy line of collectible figures.

It should be noted that these collection pieces are produced in conjunction with the Toei Animation company. We can find an immense number of them in this anime universe. Some examples may be Super Saiyan Goku in all his phases, Broly, Vegeta, and Vegetto, among others.

What is the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Series?

On the other hand, we have the animated series Super Dragon Ball Heroes Series, which was released on July 1, 2018. Toei Animation Company produced and distributed it, and 44 chapters and two specials were broadcast. It is a spin-off and does not follow the same timeline as the original Dragon Ball Z series.

Otherwise, this takes place in an entirely alternate universe. In this, we can find variations of the original characters previously introduced by its creator, Akira Toriyama.

The Super Dragon Ball Series encompasses all the material and marketing introduced regarding this anime timeline. Here, we can find all kinds of toys and collectible figures, a video game created for the Nintendo 3DS console and anime.

What is Dragon Ball Heroes anime?

Likewise, this franchise has produced an immense amount of material, such as films, special episodes, and video games of the arcade genre. In this case, the Dragon Ball Heroes anime has ended its broadcast in some countries because it was produced more than three years ago.

This spin-off of the original anime and manga tells us how the character of Trunks travels from the future to the past. All this was for strength training with his father, Vegeta, and Super Saiyan Goku.

In the middle of the battle, said character disappears without a trace, being sent to a dimension where strong warriors of all classes are found. Within this universe, we will find new characters. We will notice that they are much more powerful variations of the characters previously shown in the anime and manga series.

Who creates Dragon Ball Heroes?

On the one hand, the credit for creating the aforementioned video game spin-off goes to the video game developer studio ‘DIMPS DIGITAL INNOVATOR,’ headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This studio has been responsible for developing some of the franchise’s most notable video games, including Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2 and Dragon Ball Heroes.

Shifting focus from gameplay to the animated series or manga, Yoshitaka Nagayama is the creator and illustrator of its spin-off. Nagayama produced around 15 episodes broadcast in various regions worldwide until December 2013. Although the series lasted for three years, it was eventually canceled and replaced by Super.

What to see before Dragon Ball Heroes?

It is essential to know which series and chapters we should see to understand the chronological order of the Dragon Ball series. Since it is a spin-off, it occurs in a very different timeline from the original, which means that Heroes is not canonical.

However, it would help if you watched several chapters or sagas before watching the Dragon Ball Heroes series. Of course, we want to understand the story well and not be lost. Below, we will show you the sagas that you should see before the non-canonical spin-off of Dragon Ball Heroes:

  • Dragon Ball 1986
  • Dragon Ball Z 1989
  • Dragon Ball GT 1996
  • Dragon Ball Kai 2009
  • Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters 2014
  • Dragon Ball Super 2015
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2018

What is the seed of the Dragon Ball Heroes universe?

During the non-canonical spin-off, we will find a variety of new characters, techniques, and objects not seen in previous sagas. Such is the case of the ‘Seed of the Universe’ from Dragon Ball Heroes.

This is nothing less than an object that looks like many crystals found around a seed and has unique characteristics in the series. This is responsible for collecting the energy of the vast majority of living beings in the different multiverses. All this to use it to create more universes with increasingly mighty warriors.

We can find the stone above in the arches of the outbreak of the war and the planetary prison. It should be noted that on both occasions, this object appeared; it was used as a potent weapon. It should be noted that the seed of the universe was introduced in these sagas to give meaning to the creation of characters, some of which were made by the same fans of the series, manga, and anime.

What is a Dragon Ball Heroes toy?

Another merchandise we can find from the franchise above, which has immense popularity and sales volume, is the Dragon Ball heroes action or toy figures. These figures can articulate their parts and place a character in different iconic poses from the series and manga in general.

This toy can be purchased to play, recreate videos and scenes with stop motion, or have a collection. Being such a large franchise, the number of figures we can acquire is enormous. This is because we have most of the main characters plus their transformations. For example, we have toys of Piccolo, Vegetto, Goku, or Super Saiyan Vegeta; they are Gohan and Broly, among many others.

Apart from their great capabilities in the area of ​​articulation, one of the characteristics of these figures is that they contain parts that could be interchangeable. These are body extremities such as different poses of the hands and legs, heads with other expressions, and even Ki powers and techniques seen in anime, manga, and games.

What console is Dragon Ball Heroes for?

In the gaming industry, numerous companies, distributors, and consoles feature top-rated titles like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball franchise boasts several titles produced by renowned companies. One notable spin-off is the Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X video game, available for Nintendo 3DS and select arcade machines in Japan. However, it has faced criticism for deviating from the original fighting gameplay.


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