What is Nintendo Switch? – Everything About Nintendo console

The Nintendo Switch is a console mixed between portable and tabletop. Its global launch was on March 3, 2017, but they announced it at the end of 2016. It is a console that you can take anywhere, shaped like a tablet; it can also be used on a table, making it a hybrid. Nintendo Switch should be noted that it is the seventh home console delivered by Nintendo. It was presented as a game console that is better than the Wii U.

On this console, you can download video games from its market called eShop, and it also has cartridges, which you can buy in physical stores.  Nintendo Switch is a video game console that has had a resounding success. Several studies have verified and favored this powerful electronic device. It comprises two wireless controls called Joy-con and is based on the Gamepad we know. Thus, it also offers quite complete hardware.

Definition of Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

It is a video game console developed by Nintendo. Nintendo Switch was born due to financial need and the bad years that the company went through due to displeasure with the Wii U. It was its president, Satoru Iwata, who modernized Nintendo through influential phone games and changed its hardware due to the age of the previous one.

It’s better than any other console Nintendo has ever made, allowing users many gaming possibilities. This will enable you to connect to a television, and it also has an independent screen to use at your convenience.

We must talk about its Joy-con since each control can be executed independently; this allows its mini-monitor to be used by two people simultaneously. The screen has powerful support so that you can play anywhere, and there is no danger of falling.

What is the Nintendo Switch for?

The possibilities that this video game console offers the user are incredible. You can take it anywhere to play with friends, meaning it is easy to move since it is light and not so big. It is important to note that if we activate the Dock. You can continue the game you had on the TV. You can continue playing on your mini-monitor to enjoy it to the fullest.

Several users have commented that when traveling, it offers great entertainment. Due to the way it handles, it is possible to take it anywhere, as it has an airplane mode, which means there are no problems. Likewise, physical games are small. Therefore, they are also easy to move.

It doesn’t matter what version your Switch is; there are Lite and regular. But this will not affect the time of the games; both are compatible. The difference is when using tabletop mode, since on the standard Switch, anywhere from 2 users to 4 people can play. Meanwhile, in the Lite version, everyone has to use their console; they cannot use the same one. If we turn on the Dock, there is no problem turning it off because once it is turned on, you will return to where you left it.

How does a Nintendo Switch work?

It is created to play anywhere and on television, so we will explain the available methods and how they work in detail.

TV Mode: You can play the style we have always known and remove the Joy-con for more comfort. In single-player games, you can hold the controls vertically, while for multiplayer games, you must play horizontally. The console will be linked to the television via an HDMI cable.

Portable mode: You can play in a lighter style by connecting the Joy-con to the console’s mini-monitor. You can take it with you and enjoy good experiences with the extensive quality of games they offer. You can even play simultaneously, as it charges through a USB C port.

Tabletop mode: You must remove the Joy-Con and lift the support on the back to play multiplayer. This is for when there is no TV nearby and you have a friend to play with.

Wi-Fi mode: It has a Wi-Fi port so that up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless mode when playing multiplayer games.

It is essential to specifically explain how the Joy-Con works, which includes a gyroscope and an accelerometer. This makes the control intuitive by movement and has an HD vibration, meaning it is high definition. You will be able to have a much more realistic experience with the game. You will have to make the movements required to continue with the game.

The proper control has an infrared sensor that detects an object’s distance and shape. It also has an NFC reading and recording operation that is compatible with Amiibo. The left control has a button allowing you to take screenshots; it is the only thing different from the other device.

What can you play on the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch was developed in 2017 and remains one of the most versatile. It offers a wide range of games ranging from role-playing games to older Gamepad-style entries. Moreover, it has something to satisfy each user.

You can find games of all genres, such as action, fantasy, arcade, RPG-style fighting, role-playing, and adventure. It is worth highlighting that this video game console’s best deliveries are typical, such as Mario Kart, Super Mario, and Zelda. You can also find video games from other platforms such as FIFA, NBA, Hollow KnightMinecraft, etc.

How many games are there for the Nintendo Switch?

We find an available list of up to 21 genres with over 500 games, around 510-520 games. Action and adventure games stand out in this one. There are also exclusive games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. It has a larger quantity than PS5 and XBOX series XS since this installment has 14 complete games. While the other consoles have only 4 and 5.

How much does a Nintendo Switch cost?

The Nintendo Switch costs approximately $250 to $300. This varies depending on the console version you choose, whether it is Lite or regular. Likewise, it can change if used since some people do what is determined as “empowering” to take advantage of the business and not the user. It is essential to realize whether the Nintendo is original through the license.



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