What is web analytics? – Learn all about the study of web pages

In digital marketing, it is possible to know the statistical data generated by the blog. This is utilizing an exact study procedure. In this article, we will explain what web analytics is and its function in the advertising market. In the same way, it investigates its advantages and relationship with Google Analytics, in addition to the numbers you can know thanks to this complex work.

Web Analytics Concept

Web analytics is considered a discipline, so it requires the study of certain elements. What it seeks is to optimize each function from the evaluation of its development. In this case, it is responsible for measuring, analyzing, processing, and reporting data. Such information relates to what happens within a website and its traffic, so it is a key performance indicator.

The work carried out by this procedure is a complete data analysis of a specific platform. The main factor to consider is the traffic of people who arrive at said website. That is, it makes a count of each user who visits the virtual space, those who leave comments and other aspects. This information is essential to developers because it helps them improve their search engine rankings.

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What is web analytics in digital marketing?

In digital marketing, web analytics is a tool that should be used frequently. With it, advertisers, companies and sellers can know the evolution of content and the current state, especially when it comes to campaigns where the active participation of people is required. So, the information obtain allows us to know if the objectives being achieve.

The company always looks for the best results and tries to make its information in the first place of search engine positioning. In that sense, digital marketing campaigns need this key performance indicator. Since by running Google Analytics or another platform, they can create new strategies for advertising.

What is web analytics for?

The function of web analytics is not only to present specific data because that is only part of collecting information. After that, it is necessary to interpret and study those elements deeply to understand what happens on the website. Generally, this research process orients towards a company since they require knowing the market and its rivals.

In that sense, when digital marketing is done through campaigns, web analytics provides relevant information for the company. For example, what is the key performance indicator or keyword? What are the titles that most attract the user to the platform—also, the spaces where there are more interactions, such as comments, messages and reactions?

A large part of the sites, blogs or internet platforms uses analytics to know their information. These spaces must use a tag in the JAVA programming code. So, if you add this structure to the program’s syntax, you can start registering a series of elements.

web analytics

What are the characteristics of web analytics?

One of the essential features of web analytics is that it provides the exact data of the number of people who enter the website. In addition, it specifies the device with which the blogs access. So, the counter  activates if a user enters the web search engine or clicks on one of the campaign’s links. Another advantage that programming supports is that the developer can know more data about the visitor. For example, it is valid to see the type of browser you use and the planetary location of the individual.

What metrics are used in web analytics?

Web analytics can be customized according to the type of data the company needs to know. Search engine positioning specifies where the campaign or blog is located. Well, the developer or administrator of the site can filter the elements that provide advantages to your business.

One of the metrics that allow you to know is the number of new or unique visitors who entered the platform—also the number of times that the same person accessed it, thanks to their IP address. In the lower section, a percentage statistical analysis is shown, measuring the new members with whom they frequent the site.

As for the blog as such, the numbers show the amount of time a user stays on the website. For example, the advantage of Google Analytics is that it lets you know your email address. It even tracks the nearest social networks. Another element of relevance in analytics is that it creates a kind of database in which the keywords that users use in searches list.


One must employ web analytics, a highly potent instrument, to enhance their internet business. Nearly all large companies utilise web analytics to comprehend interaction and learn more about client behaviour.

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