What is a Web Application? – Definition, Types and More

Definition Web Application

A web application, commonly called a web app, is a software application accessed and interacted with through a web browser over a network, typically the internet. Unlike traditional desktop applications launched by your operating system, web applications must be accessed through a web browser. It means you don’t need to install them on your device; they can access any device with a web browser and internet  connection.

Concept of a web application

Generally, it is a type of application developed with a specific programming language. These languages ​​can be HTML, JavaScript, or CSS for most novices. Being set in this environment, they are web applications hosted on servers and do not require installation.

Regardless of your web browser or operating system, compatibility will not be a problem. Contrary to what applications with applications and programs developed for operating systems. It is a great advantage since you save yourself from consuming resources to use a service.

Is a web application the same as a web page?

They are not the same and give examples of web applications and a conventional web page. The first difference is its structure. Generally, an online website intends to display textual, audiovisual, or any other format information. Additionally, they stand out for having sub pages that take you to other sites within the same domain.

On the other hand, a native web app is developed to fulfill a specific function. An example is an online editor like Canva, which would be a complete web application. Of course, it is considered a page because it has a domain. However, it is aimed at providing editing and design functions.

Another practical example to understand such differences is Microsoft. This is a web page that, in turn, contains a large number of web apps that you can use. The online version of Whats Application, Google Docs, Excel, and other alternatives to the Office package are considered a native web app. Web Money may be regarded as both a website and an online application since it offers information, service, and use for users.

What is a web application for?

These serve, in principle, to offer an alternative that does not require installation and that can be used regardless of the browser used, much less the operating system. It means you can use an animated web application irrespective of whether you are on Windows, Mac OS, or Android. As long as you have a browser, you can enjoy the services depending on the application you want to use.

Of course, the use that will be given to these versions of applications will depend on each person. For example, some seek to satisfy a need or offer a specific service. These can be from video editing, converting files from one format to another, or data collection. They are developed to cover a need in the internet community.

What are the types of web applications?

Now, not all web applications are the same. Different types vary depending on their use, considering that the basic aspects of web apps remain the same despite the other versions. Among the most notable are:

What is a native web application?

Every native web application is developed for a specific environment or operating system. Just as there are multiplatform online applications, there are those whose development at the programming level is intended for an OS. What characterizes this type of web application is the use of programming languages.

What is an Activate web application?

We could say that they are applications intended to offer preparation through online courses. A simple and practical example is the Google web app Activate. Here, you can find a good number of courses that you can take, regardless of whether you are on a PC or mobile device.

What is a web application in Azure?

This service specializes in providing the possibility of managing, using, and administering other applications through the cloud. Of course, there is a lot more information behind web applications in Azure, but it is worth learning everything related to this topic and having better control of a platform like this.

What is a progressive web application?

Finally, we have Progressive Web Applications, also known as PWA, which are improved versions that allow you to perform functions and actions only native applications can do. That is, you can have all the potential of installed software without having it among the list of programs or applications.


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