Fortnite Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Video Game

If you’re wondering what is Fortnite? Well, it’s a video game that was developed by the company Epic Games. But initially, the idea was to survive zombies that arrived at nightfall. Hence, its name, ‘Fort,’ means strong, and ‘nite’ refers to the night. So, together is Fortnite, although you should know that this term is also popularly known as quinceañera or Fortaleza.

Many confuse it with an English expression, but it is not so. So, it’s a 100-player Battle Royale in which you must survive to be the last user standing. Also, the game is free. However, you can buy power-ups or packs to facilitate your performance, like in the video game Minecraft. Of course, they are only advantages, meaning each player must have a particular skill.

Fortnite Meaning


The exact meaning of Fortnite is that it is the name of a video game developed by the company or brand Epic Games. Likewise, its main creator is Donald Mustard, so this American company launched this video game to the public in 2017. It has several game modalities, of course, although the methodology. In other words, the way to move the avatar is the same for any form of game.

On the other hand, in the story of Fortnite, you can observe that the game starts on planet Earth, where a storm occurs to make humans disappear. Then, the few survivors must face a horde of zombies, which attack at a specific time. Especially at night, that’s where the idea of the name Fortnite or Che Fuerte comes from.

Of course, he didn’t get the explosive fame at first, as this popularity came after bringing out the Battle Royale method. It gets its name from a Japanese movie where students had to fight each other. Thus, after this modality, the fame of Fortnite skyrocketed, selling up to 3000 billion dollars in a very short time.

Of course, you must understand that although the game is free, Fortnite can buy items and avatars in addition to other game improvements offered by the company. However, parents do have the option to apply Epic Games’ parental controls. To regulate your children’s purchases.

What company is Fortnite from?

The company that launched Fortnite is Epic Games, Inc., Which used to be called Potomac Computer Systems and later changed to Epic MegaGames. Likewise, the important thing is that this fantastic company has become famous for its first-person games. Among these is Fortnite, which was made public or launched in July 2017, right around that time. They followed the popularity of games developed by PUBG Corporation.

It created the popular Battle Royale mode for free for computers, cell phones, and video game consoles. That’s why it quickly reached 125 million players at the beginning of 2018. Of course, according to that number of users, the statistic gave a little more than $1,000,000 in profit. Of course, because of the constant growth of its fame, the option was opened for Epic Games to market its other products.

Like Gears of War, Unreal, Shadow Complex, and Infinity Blade. On the other hand, after several controversies with Sony, they gave themselves the option. Players on PS4 would have the opportunity to interact with other platforms. That is why its users increased significantly, reaching 250 million players. What made them pioneers was that they even created tournaments and cups with prizes of up to $100 million.

Game Modes in Fortnite

Game Modes in Fortnite

In Fortnite, there are several game modes, that is to say, not only the famous form of survival. In which 100 users fall on an island, the last one left standing survives. Solo modes are also included so everyone can participate, even without a team. Of course, you ignore that these allow you to enjoy the company. That being the case, there are modes: Solitaire, Squads, Duos, Arena (Solitaire and Squads), Playground, Creative Mode and Brawl, and Teams.

That being the case, you’ll notice that there’s the same game mode both solo and in a group because the company Epic Games looked for a way to incorporate any user, regardless of their style or personality. That’s why everyone can check the ‘Complete’ or ‘Do Not Fill’ box. To start solo or not. On the other hand, you should know that three types of games are the most popular. These are:

Fortnite Battle Royale

In Fortnite, the Battle Royale method is the most famous, as you can check the box to play solo. However, you can go in Duo, Trio, or even with your squad. That’s why it explodes in terms of fun than this method. It’s about survival. In that, at the beginning, users epically jump to the map, but they start without weapons, so a certain danger is generated because you have to run to equip yourself as fast as you can since other players can kill you.

In addition, you must know that there is no way to revive or reanimate, hence the importance of looking for objects, weapons, or any resource to survive. Even so, you can’t hide because the map has a safe zone, which they call ‘the zone.’ It also closes, forcing everyone to go to a specific location so you can’t escape the fight. That being the case, if you are alone, you must stay alive. On the other hand, if you own a squad or team, they can all stay alive and win.

Fortnite Creative

The creative mode in Fortnite is kind of like the one in Minecraft. Users can manufacture, build, or design their island with their friends. Of course, the way you want because there are default templates in this method. That is structures made to facilitate construction. Otherwise, assembling a design would be a lot of work for the player.

In addition, there are extra pieces, which only apply in this method, to make it more entertaining. Likewise, the user has a pickaxe to knock down an object that exists on the map. It collects resources such as metal, steel, stone, brick, and wood. Then, with them, they can continue to form the structure they long for, whether they are walls, floors, castles, or fortifications.

On the other hand, many users dedicate many hours to creating a unique style with windows and ornaments that attract attention. You’ll notice that you can enter other players’ Islands and get inspired by the fact that you can share online or publish your custom game. In addition, you can play with up to 16 players in this mode.

Fortnite: Save the World

First, you need to know that the Save the World mode differs significantly from Battle Royale’s. Even this method is the first one that Fortnite applied. It’s the only thing that makes Battle Royale accessible. Then, it became much more popular because of the number of users since saving the world requires a payment of 16 dollars. That’s it, the main objective of saving the world is to improve the level, for this, you must farm and dedicate a large part of your time to improve little by little.

Of course, as you progress, you’ll notice a vast improvement in the game. Then, all you have to do is go on quests and take down the monsters that appear on the map. To gain experience, also known as XP. You also have the option to play in the co-op or PvE campaign. They try to contain or repel all waves of monsters in quests.

Sure, while at the same time exploring the game’s map. You also have the option to craft weapons, build structures, and find treasure or loot. All while leveling up your avatar. That’s why it’s advised that you play as a team. Because solo is a bit more complicated, find resources and gain experience.

What age is Fortnite for?

According to the game’s manufacturer, in conjunction with psychology. You should know that the minimum age to play Fortnite is 12. The period for this type of game, despite being a zombie or shooting game, is similar to the age for fighting video games such as Dragon Ball because addiction is generated at less than that age. In addition, many mental disturbances exist in young children aged 7 to 10 years. That is why psychological strategies are applied to understand and comprehend a child’s behavior with addiction.

On the other hand, you should know that no general law stipulates an exact age to play. Well, that’s all. They are recommendations applied by specialists, according to Epic Games. It is recommended to be at least 13 years old. Even if you pass this requirement, you can compete in competitive Fortnite events.

Of course, as long as you have the appropriate permission from your parents. Even so, you should know that the age of 17 may change depending on your country. That’s why you must ask permission to compete if you’re underage.

What platforms and devices is Fortnite available on?

The Fortnite game is available for most devices and platforms. These include Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, meaning users can install Fortnite on their computers. Also, in terms of video game consoles, you can use yourself: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. In this sense, you will notice that most video game consoles have the option to install Fortnite.

Of course, according to their platform, you can have fun with your friends, even if they use a different device. You should also know you can have Fortnite on your Android or iPhone. But without downloading it from the official store. That is, the Play Store or App Store. The reason is that Epic Games modified the purchases, ignoring the official stores’ commission.

As such, Apple and Android removed the client or installer, which caused the company Epic Games to be upset. It caused Epic Games to file a complaint; consequently, the results are still awaited. We must wait to find out if they are incorporated again in the official stores.

Which phone is compatible with Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game in which it is recommended to have a lot of graphics. It is also available for iOS and Android, the only thing that, according to Google and Apple’s blocking. Then, it’s time to download it directly on the Epic Games website. Also, you should know that only on Samsung cell phones you will be able to download Fortnite from the Galaxy Store because there are no problems with such a company.

On the other hand, it must be understood that according to high definition, 64-bit devices are recommended, or at least with an ARM64 processor. Also, for the current version of Fortnite, it is advisable to have an Android 8 operating system or higher. Otherwise, installation is not allowed. You should have at least 4 RAM and eight internal storage gigs. To support the various updates.

Of course, these specifications are also valid for the iOS system. However, in the same way on the iPhone, a warning is shown where the iPhone 6 Plus or lower to this model or version. They won’t be able to download the game for the simple fact that they’re not supported. However, for those in which it is allowed to have Fortnite. A curious fact is that Bluetooth headphones are good for everything except for voice chat.

Fortnite Related Terms

As strange as it may seem to a parent or new users, to be added to Fortnite. You should know that there are different terms or vocabulary when interacting with other Fortnite players or friends.

These terms apply to video games like Free Fire or Lol (League of Legends). So, the most commonly used times are:

Camping is when a user remains hidden for most of the game. So, just wait for the victim to come over to shoot. Therefore, this act bothers most people a lot.

  • Rush: This is when one person eliminates another without being touched. That is to say, in a perfect way, because it shows the difference in level. An example would be to say, “I was able to rush an entire squad.”
  • Spot: It’s just a point, site, or location. Using the term to fall from the sky bus at the start of the game is also more popular.
  • AFK: It’s that character that’s not active, far from the screen or the keyboard. So, AFK is directly the acronym for Away from Keyboard.
  • Kill: It’s a way of mentioning the word ‘death’.
  • Skin: A unique and different look or costume.
  • Looting: It’s nothing more than collecting items, whether they’re materials.
  • Noob or one-handed: This is a novice or person with no ability. That being the case, it’s arguably the worst game of a game, so it’s over. Sometimes, it is applied in the form of an offense.

On the other hand, you should know that there are more general terms regarding Fortnite. Since new features are added in each update, as well as in the community. The same users apply new words. Among them, the most popular ones to know are:

What is a streamer in Fortnite?

A streamer is nothing more than a person who sets out to play a video game. But with the difference that he publishes it on social networks or any platform. Of course, it does so in real-time, i.e., it shares live a broadcast of what it plays. That being the case, it can be mentioned that it is a profession.

Since there are many hours in which that individual is in front of his computer, game console, or cell phone showing his ability. Of course, it is normal for them to have followers, as they are a fundamental and indispensable requirement. So that a streamer can continue with their work because, according to the platform, they get money.

In this regard, you should know that YouTube and Twitch are the pioneering platforms in terms of earnings.

Likewise, in each of these platforms, the earning methods are applied either with:

  • Advertising.
  • Awards.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Donations.
  • Sponsors.
  • Among others.

What is each Fortnite gift?

Every Christmas, Fortnite activates the Winter Festival event, where one can get gifts daily. It is applied by the company Epic Games to celebrate the end of the year in the same way as in reality. However, since they are daily gifts, many doubts are created about which facility to open or what you get with each gift.

For many, abusive people give false information and take advantage of others to sabotage. In the same way, as soon as you enter the classic cabin or inn of the festival. Where you can get the following gifts:

  • The big red, blue, and green bow gift has the snow blower collection tool.
  • The purple, with a silver ribbon, has a festival spray.
  • The golden grant, which is quite large, includes a gesture.
  • The small rectangular, which has a purple bow, has a wrapper.
  • The purple square, seen on the left, has a collection tool.
  • The square blue gift has a music track.
  • The blue and yellow, with the purple ribbon, is a loading screen.
  • The small yellow box, with a green ribbon, has a banner of a snowflake.
  • The gray gift comes with a coat.
  • The green one with a Matrix-like appearance has a sentry glider on the right side.
  • The yellow ribbon purple has an auroral arc stele.
  • The big one on the right, which looks frozen, is wearing a sub-zero banana outfit. To open this, you need to wait several days.
  • The one on the left, who also has to wait, offers Krisabelle.

What is a Fortnite pin?

You need to be aware of three types of pins if you play Fortnite. One is the ‘Ping,’ which is about latency, also known as lag. Which is when the game goes slow, then in more exact terms. It is the connection speed between your internet and the game server.

For this reason, having the ping as low as possible is advisable to experience the game better without it looking slow. In this regard, less than 80 ms (milliseconds) is advised. More than that, an unavoidable delay is created, which is indispensable. So as not to give advantages to your enemies in the game.

On the other hand, there is also the regular pin without the ‘G’ that refers to a symbol, which a user manages to obtain after performing a specific act during a Fortnite event. Of course, these pins are used to classify and identify a player’s level in future tournaments. Also, you should know that this parental control key is called a pin. That a parent applies so that their child has limitations regarding purchases and other options.

What is clutch in Fortnite?

The term clutch in Fortnite is a unique, epic, or incredible move that gives you the upper hand to eliminate an enemy. Of course, if there is a glitch in the game or a bug that helps unexpectedly kill your opponent, it is also called a clutch.

What is a proxy in Fortnite?

A proxy is a series of numbers that make a connection or work in an intermediary way. Between the game server and your internet, of course, it applies when the game is not available in your country. If you can’t use it with a VPN, stop it. Just manually go into the game options and adjust the IP server. to get assigned your proxy.

What is skin in Fortnite?

Skin in Fortnite is an aspect or appearance in which a person can change their character’s appearance. There are also many options that go according to a player’s gender or personality. Of course, there are many ways to get a skin. Well, some are free, others are paid or for gifts during events. Many people dedicate themselves to supporting or giving them skills to help their friends.

What is tryhard in Fortnite?

A tryhard in Fortnite is a person who plays rough or applies a lot of effort to win. Likewise, it is also called tryhard, those individuals who spend many hours playing and do not leave their device unless something extraordinary happens.

Well, they are also considered to have a lot of mental strength because they plan and organize every little play like a pro. Many of them even use the video wall as a strategy to always be at the top of the list.

What is grinding in Fortnite?

Grinding means performing some action to level up or increase experience. However, it doesn’t have to be eliminating or killing monsters repeatedly. Any constant act that helps to level up can be called grinding. In this sense, grinding is compatible with farming, and although it is different, both have the same goal of making some profit by using quick, routine and repeated acts.

What is the Fortnite Cube?

During Season 5 in 2018, a video can be seen in which cracks appear in the sky. They then eject lightning bolts, and from there, the cube is formed, which, in Fortnite, is an object of great power. So, it’s just an event that made a big impression. Well, it changed the map directly with millions of online users.

What is antialiasing in Fortnite?

Antialiasing is nothing more than trying to increase the realism of the game. Therefore, a player applies settings, enhancements, and effects to improve the image. In short, it’s just trying to correct the graphics to make them more accurate. That being the case, it seeks to accommodate pixelation, anti-aliasing, and any factor influencing realism.

Which is more played lol or Fortnite?

You should know that both games are great, as they can be played solo or multiplayer. However, you should know that lol has more active players than Fortnite. It has even remained at the top for several years.

However, Fortnite to date has more registered players. Although their active members are below lol, both games still have millions of users. Therefore, according to statistics, any of these video games are excellent options for non-stop fun.


Fortnite, created by Epic Games, has rewritten online gaming rules. Its free-to-play model and captivating Battle Royale mode have left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. Its name, derived from the concept of night-time zombie survival, evolved into a cultural phenomenon, earning billions in a short time. Epic Games’ decision to embrace cross-platform play increased its user base, and Fortnite even hosts tournaments with massive cash prizes. Fortnite is more than just a game; it’s a revolution in gaming.

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