What is a ‘Feed’ on Instagram? – Learn how to configure your images

Instagram feed – Instagram is one of the platforms with the most features of all social networks. Well, it has many hidden sections and functions that are fun for users. One of them is the platform’s feed, a vital place everyone uses. However, most do not know what his name is. So, in the article, we will address this topic.

Meaning of ‘Feed’ on Instagram

The first thing to understand is that Instagram works with a series of terms in English, the platform’s mother language. Due to its popularity, users do not use the words in their native language but rather adopt the one used in the United States. Just as it happens with Post, DM, making a tag, or a giveaway. This way, they join the trends, gain followers, and become influencers.

For this reason, the term Instagram feed is frequently used within the site and on other social networks. It can be understood as a wall or profile but should not be confused with a beginning. Well, it has nothing to do with that section. In that sense, the feed is the main screen of your account—a place where the publications you share with the world are displayed.

What is the Instagram chronological feed?

What is the Instagram chronological feed?

When discussing a chronological feed, we refer to one of the section’s characteristics. Here, you establish an order in which the images or videos will appear on your profile. The home acts like a newspaper, displaying the most relevant news but updates quickly.

In that sense, posts or publications are displayed in the feed. That is, the images, photographs, or videos uploaded to the respective accounts. Here, the dates are very relevant since the positions of the photos are never changed unless you delete one of them.

On the other hand, the order is not always kept periodic or chronological at the beginning, as it depends on the Instagram algorithm. At the beginning, the platform will show you the posts of the accounts you interact with most. Well, the system understands that there is an interest between both through likes, comments, and messages. Then, the other accounts appear, leaving the order by date and time aside.

Furthermore, in many posts, Instagram introduces its advertising. Therefore, posts that provide information about accounts you do not follow may be found. Thus, said publication could have been posted on the platform for days, thus cutting the chronology. So, this is one of the differences between a profile and a home.

Where is the feed located on Instagram?

To locate the Instagram feed, you don’t have to worry about the device you use. The information tells us it doesn’t matter if you use a mobile application or web browser. The start is achieved in the same place in both places, and you will find it very quickly.

Let’s start by explaining access from the Instagram mobile application. When you open it and enter your account, the first thing you see is the start of it. Where you will see what your friends and followers share; once there, you must look at the lower options bar, specifically on the last button.

Which is identified by being a circle that contains your profile photo. By clicking there in your mobile application, your blog loads without advertising. Where are the publications you uploaded to the platform located? Now, in the web browser, the bar is not located at the bottom.

When you enter, the section on the left shows a menu where all the cells appear. Therefore, you will see an option that says profile, and you must click on it. Also, on the right is a circle with your photo and username. So when you click there, it also directs you to the feed.

What are the types of feeds on Instagram?

What are the types of feeds on Instagram?

Some individuals who care about fashion and style express that your profile may enter a ranking. In that sense, they maintain that there are types of feed depending on the publications and their attractiveness.

Creative Instagram Feed

Creative profiles encompass a large number of walls. These include people who travel frequently and post photos of landscapes and cities. Therefore, they create an album with creativity for the enjoyment of their followers. Classifying feeds that provide information or promote food sales is also possible here. These are also filled with creativity to attract potential customers to consume what they sell.

Instagram aesthetic feed

An aesthetic feed is characterized by having a specific aesthetic. In that sense, most profiles with this name are a kind of modeling blog. In which beautiful women seek to promote their clothing, utensils, or makeup brands. Showing the beauty of their bodies faces, and the merchandise.

Aesthetic feeds are also considered to have their style. Users only upload their publications with photographs that attract attention. Getting your feed to such a rating is challenging since not all people like the same thing.

How do you make a feed on Instagram?

The Instagram feed is created as you upload photos and posts. Well, a kind of album is taking shape with each new post. Thus, if someone enters your wall, they will find images or videos ordered by date. You have the power to leave a comment and a reaction. If you need help with feed design, you can use an RPS system that recommends how and when to publish.

How do I update my Instagram feed?

If you want to update your Instagram feed, share a photo or video. When you upload a post, it is automatically added to your profile, where all your followers can find it. So, from your home, tap the button that shows a +. Please attach a photo with its description to the web browser or mobile phone.

Updating the feed by deleting one of your photographs is also valid. You may no longer like one or do not have enough likes, so you delete it. This does not change the periodic order as the profile adjusts.

What is sharing an Instagram feed, and how do you do it?

You have to give it publicity to share your Instagram feed or blog. In that sense, using your other social networks to invite more people to follow you on Instagram is feasible. A recommendation is to copy the link from your profile or a photograph. After that, go to Facebook or Twitter and run a promotion. However, it is also necessary to mention that you should not fall into spam, that is, excessive advertising that bothers other people.


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