Introduction to Amazon Product Validator: What It Is And How It Works

Constant product validation with a proper Amazon Product Validator is the main key to designing the right Amazon product for your business and ensuring your users adopt your features. Engaging in a proper product validation process before the development strategy means you supervise your company’s funds and time strategically to develop the best end Amazon product possible.

Selecting the wrong type of product can readily derail your store launch on Amazon. The wrong type of product can also set your business back and also can cost a lot of money and time. With the Zonbase Amazon Product Validator assistance, you can get rid of all these hazards and let Zonbase do the check so that you can make the right decision confidently.

If you are trying to sell your products on Amazon, among the most significant things you should do is to find as well as validate product concepts. This approach can help assure that you develop products that your potential users are interested to purchase, which can increase your success rate on Amazon. Here we will know what is Amazon Product Validator, how it works, etc.

What’s Amazon Product Validator?

Product validation or verification is a method that checks if product features address the requirements and pinpoints of potential and current customers or not. It is a scientific method for achieving as well as maintaining the product-market in a scalable and fit way to complete research more efficiently and faster.

Similarly, product validation allows you to test if your internal stakeholders’ beliefs about your Amazon product are true in the realistic world or not. It depends on data collected from market research, your customers, and also the needs and interests of your targeted audience.

Validation isn’t a one-time process. It is an ongoing procedure that will endure the entire lifecycle of the product. For beginner Amazon sellers, among the most difficult tasks is to select the most suitable product to sell on Amazon. Having the trust to choose the right products to invest in isn’t something that everyone has right off the bat.

That’s where Zonbase comes in with their Product Validation service. If you are not confident about a certain product, the team of Zonbase Product Validator can assist you. Just send the product to Zonbases’s Amazon experts that you are interested to sell.

Zonbases’s Launch Managers have several years of knowledge in building & launching Amazon products. So, they will properly review the product and give a thorough 20-point report card to help you choose the right product.

This report card contains thorough details if the product is good or not based on several factors. Moreover, Zonbase’s Amazon Product Validator extracts all the chances of a bad product decision by providing you with all the details you need to create a data-driven choice.

How Does The Amazon Product Validator Work?

Getting products validated is quite easy with Amazon Product Validator from Zonbase. By allowing Zonbase to do the potential product research, you can avoid the chance of inferior product options that can cost you plenty of money and time.

The Product Validator service procedure is easy & straightforward. See how the Amazon product validator works.

Product Validator

Package Selection:

You need to choose a package from Zonbase’s official website: Zonbase has different packages, and each level adds more features to be checked by Zonbase’s launch managers.

Receive A Questionnaire:

You will get a questionnaire from Zonbase. This questionnaire includes details about your needs so that Zonbase can understand your business better and provide you with better assistance. You need to fill in the details needed as well as email the provided questionnaire back to Zonbase.

A Zonbase representative will verify your email containing the questionnaire.

Start Working On Validation:

Zonbase will begin working on product validation. It typically takes around 2-5 business days only to finish product validating work once Zonbase receives the needed product information.

  • Define what your audience needs
  • Learn who your audience is
  • Run a market analysis
  • Figure out whether people want the product or not

Provide You With A 20-Point Score Card:

As soon as Zonbase complete the product validation, they will send you a 20-point Score Card. This card has essential points as well as guidance about your product.

It will include:

  • Estimated sales each month
  • Possible keyword traffic
  • A green light on launch-ability
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • And usefulness for Amazon FBA.

Tips to Collect Better Product Validation Information From Your Customers

If you approach product validation as a collaborative effort with your customers, it may feel more efficient. You will get better data (and better buy-in) by making your product validation procedure as superficial as possible for your users.

Here is how you can collect better product validation details from your clients:

Create Detailed Surveys

If you want your clients to engage in your research, make it intuitive and easy for your customers. When you are creating your detailed surveys, take additional steps to bypass some common errors and follow the most promising practices, such as:

  • Writing straightforward, simple questions to ensure clients understand what you are requesting
  • Avoiding leading or biased questions that may point clients in a particular direction, which will spoil your research results
  • Ensuring your survey landing page or website offers an optimistic user experience

Finally, ensure the survey questions you ask are for actionable data from your clients. 

Add a Comment Section For Open Responses From Customers

It does not matter how well you prepare your surveys, clients will often need space to add further context. So, include a comment section where customers can share their thoughts regarding your suggested features and even the survey.

This information can provide you with an extra understanding of your offered product features. Client comments may even warn you of issues with the survey questions.

Express Product Features in Easy And Understandable Terms

As soon as you are asking about various product features, express them in a manner that is easy and understandable to your customers. Avoid utilizing overly technical terms that your clients may not understand, however, do not lean too forcefully on fancy language either.

Rather, keep it short: offer a brief definition of the benefit and include a few points explaining how the product will solve your customer’s problem and what they can use the product to do things. 

Product Validator Pricing of Zonbase

There are a total of three pricing options available in Zonbase for Amazon Product Validation service:

Standard Plan

Price: $37/Month

What Is Included?

  • 10 per day Keyword Base
  • 10 per day ZonResearch
  • 40 per day ZonTracker
  • 10 per day Reverse Keywords
  • 10 per day Hot Products
  • 40 per day Sales Estimator
  • 10 per day Listify
  • 1 Store Integration Profits & Alerts
  • For Wholesale Grading, 250 ASINs 

Legendary Plan

Price: $67/Month

What Is Included?

  • 250 per day ZonResearch
  • 250 per day Chrome Extension
  • 250 per day Reverse Keywords
  • 250 per day Keyword Base
  • 1000 per day Sales Estimator
  • 1000 per day ZonTracker
  • 250 per day Listify
  • 250 per day Hot Products
  • 3 Store Integration Profits & Alerts
  • For Wholesale Grading 1000 ASINs 
  • 1 Store integration with around $30k Ad Spend per Month ZonPPC

Diamond Plan

Price: $132/Month

What Is Included?

  • Weekly Question & Answer Session with an Amazon Expert
  • Master Class Course For Amazon FBA
  • 1000 per day ZonResearch
  • 1000 per day Chrome Extension
  • 1000 per day Reverse Keywords
  • 1000 per day Keyword Base
  • 5000 per day Sales Estimator
  • 5000 per day ZonTracker
  • 1000 per day Listify
  • 1000 per day Hot Products
  • 7 Store Integration Profits & Alerts
  • 3 Store integration with Around $30k Ad Spend per Month ZonPPC
  • 10000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading


Every successful Amazon product has to meet your customers’ needs and solve their problems—and the validation process acts as a superficial method on whether your product does that effectively or not.

In case the answer to this question is “NO,” it is way better to get that data as early in the growth strategy as possible. And with the help of Zonbase, you can save yourself from spending a lot of resources and time on an unviable Amazon product feature.

So, without further delay, contact Zonbase today to do a proper product validation for you!


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