What is Hollow Knight? – Everything about Hollow Knight

The world of video games is something truly vast and incredible. Of the thousands and thousands of titles that exist, today we have come to talk to you about Hollow Knight. It is a game that was developed by Team Cherry, an independent studio that Kickstarter funded. Originally designed for Windows, today it is available on macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

What does Hollow Knight mean?

Hallow knight

If we go to the literal meaning of ‘Hollow Knight,’ this translates as ‘Hollow Knight’ or ‘Empty Knight, ‘but you might ask, why this name? Hollow Knight tells the story of a knight traveling through the Hallownest kingdom. On this journey, he has to overcome different tests and find different objectives, but without a doubt, one of the main ones is the ‘Hollow Knight.’

Hollow Knight is the vessel that the king, known as ‘Pale King,’ chose to seal the Flash (The secret final boss of the journey). This can be said to be the center of the knight’s journey and the story itself of Hallownest.

What is the Hollow Knight game about?

This game tells the story of the Knight, as we mentioned above. He has a quest and has to discover the secrets of the insect kingdom of Hallownest, which had been abandoned for a long time. This underground kingdom is full of passages and tunnels, attracting adventurers and brave knights who aim to find treasures or secrets.

The game does not tell us anything about our mission from the beginning. On the contrary, it encourages us to explore since we must discover the mission ourselves. You must explore extensive caverns, find ancient cities, enter deadly wastelands, etc. Likewise, as everything happens, you must fight dangerous creatures and solve enigmatic mysteries.

What type of game is Hollow Knight? – Game mode

Hallow knight

The first thing we should know about the gameplay of this title is that it is a 2D game of the ‘Metroidvania’ genre. Have you heard about this genre? This subgenre of video games is based on platform games but in a non-linear way. Typically, platform games are linear and don’t allow you to explore much. This does not happen with Metroidvania.

Hollow Knight has a vast expanse of tunnels, passages, and cities to explore non-linearly. If we want to return to space, we can do so since the gameplay is mainly based on exploration.

At the end of each area, there will be a boss, which the knight must defeat to continue. Generally, when they die, these leave some reward that allows a power-up for the character, without which he would not be able to advance, much less face a stronger boss.

Another reason why this game stands out is because of its combat mode. Our character begins his adventure with a stinger, which can be improved or changed as the story progresses. Likewise, our knight can learn different skills throughout his journey, called ‘Arts of the Sting,’ which inflict more damage on his enemies.

What is the story of Hollow Knight?

One of the remarkable peculiarities of this game is that it does not tell you the story directly but gives you tiny glimpses. Many consider this a brilliant thing, as it allows the player a more immersive experience. These little ‘sparks‘ can be found in the environment and interaction with certain NPCs. And also, secrets you will only know if you play them.

Before the kingdom of Hallownest existed, there was a creature considered ‘all-powerful.’ This creature was called ‘The Flash’ and was responsible for creating Hallownest, the insect kingdom.

Although the different tribes of the insects that came to Hallownest lived in peace, this was not the case since Flash was a parasitic being who took advantage of the weak insects that worshiped him. Everything would change with the arrival of the Pale King, who defeated Flash with five other great knights.

After the conquest of the Pale King came the golden age of Hallownest, which enjoyed technological, social, and cultural advances. This last time did not last long; since then, the ‘infection’ would come, which was Flash’s revenge. This infection invades weak insects’ minds, making them crazy and violent, gradually ending the kingdom of Hallownest.

The kingdom of Hallownest

After many experiments, the Pale King created a receptacle to imprison Flash. He achieved it; his name was ‘Hollow Knight,’ thanks to years of experiments and several sacrifices of mighty beings. These would help so that Flash could never take advantage of anyone’s feelings since this one, the Hollow Knight, had no feelings.

After a long time, the king died, and everything around him disappeared. Everything was supposed to be calm since the Hollow Knight was perfect since he had no feelings. So Flash could not take him over, but it was not like that because Flash realized the weak point of the Hollow Knight. That’s right, he acquired a feeling of loyalty towards the Pale King. So Flash realized this and managed to take him over and unleash chaos on Hallownest. After this point, our character enters, which will serve at some point as a replacement for the original receptacle or will end once and for all with a flash.

This game also has some secondary stories, such as that of the ‘Disloyal Lord,’ one of the Mantis Lords.

Similarly, there is the mission of ‘Quirrel,’ this was Monomon’s apprentice. Who entrusted him with his mask with powers to prevent aging. And finally, we also have the ‘Herrah Deal’ quest.

When was Hollow Knight developed and released?

Team Cherry originally developed this game between 2014 and 2016, and it was released in February 2017. Initially, it would be released for Windows and shortly after for MacOS and Linux. Later, on June 12, it will be released for Nintendo Switch. A few days later, on September 25, the game was also released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What is the character of Hollow Knight?

Our main character, like everyone in his universe, is an insect. We don’t know much about this insect, only that it will be in charge of guiding us through this fantastic world. As the game progresses, we will realize that this character’s mission is not tiny since it will be responsible for harboring Flash or defeating her.


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