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However, Programming is one of the top skills that can add stars to the future of children today.

There are several approaches to teaching children how to do programming and coding. Children can learn about the language of technology with the aid of programming toys. They help kids learn abilities that they will find useful in the future and are unexpectedly enjoyable for them.

We examine the top games and toys for assisting kids in learning the fundamentals of coding and enhancing their STEM knowledge through play. Parents undoubtedly wouldn’t anticipate the popularity of robots and the fact that many toys don’t require screens in this context.

Coding and programming are now covered in the national curriculum to close the “skills gap” between the number of technology jobs and the people competent to fill them. A new “computing” curriculum that includes coding training for kids as young as five has replaced the drab teaching of how to operate a word processor or PowerPoint that dominated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the past.

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What are Programming Toys

 A programmable toy is an attractive item whose main purpose is to teach children to program or at least teach them the fundamentals of algorithmic thinking and computer processes. The good thing about these children’s toys is that they learn everything they need to know while doing something with their hands. Learning by doing is widely recognized as an educational methodology that works extraordinarily well.

When deciding on a programmable toy for your child, you should pay attention to several elements, as not all are the best options for children. Therefore, you must take into account the following:

Your child’s age

There are programmable toys for 3-year-olds and 10-year-olds and programmable toys that parents will enjoy more than their children.

Your child’s personality

Your child might be very interested in STEM programmable toys or, conversely, arts and crafts… but don’t worry, there are a variety of toys for more artistic kids. When you decide on the best gift for your son, you must consider what he likes and does not like.

The space you have at home

Many programmable toys for children will require a large room for optimal use, but here we also mention ones that will work well in almost any environment.

Your child’s prior knowledge

If your child has already taken an online coding course and knows how to work with Scratch or create an app, there are more advanced STEAM and STEM coding toys you can get…and they will enjoy them. If your children don’t know how to program, read the following recommendations because some of these programmable toys will be exactly what they need.

Programmable toys for children and adolescents

Here we have to face something a bit complicated. Although all programmable toys for children have a recommendation regarding the minimum age of their users, we believe in each person’s unique process.

Therefore, if you want to give your child a programming toy for teenagers because they just turned 14, but they are just starting in this world of programming, don’t be afraid to give them something for the youngest first. He will continue to enjoy the learning process and develop many 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving while learning.

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