Three technological developments that are beneficial to our health!

The technological developments of the past decades have helped us as a society. For example, these developments have created more employment opportunities, have made transport easier and have also enabled people to live healthier lives. All these developments contribute to the overall quality of life of people. Are you curious about which technological developments have made a positive contribution to human health? Then keep on reading this blogpost. In this blog we will give you some examples of these developments!


technological developments


Of all technological advances, the invention of the pacemaker is perhaps the best for our health. When people used to suffer from the heart, this generally meant that they did not have long to live. Fortunately, the pacemaker has changed this. The pacemaker is a device that is placed in the cavity under the collarbone and keeps the heart beating regularly. If the heart suddenly starts to beat too slowly, the pacemaker will cause the heart to accelerate again to stimulate blood flow.


technological developments

Smoking has been one of the most harmful things humans do to themselves for centuries. Quitting smoking is therefore something that would have a healthy impact on every body. However, quitting is very difficult because smoking is addictive. From different e cigarette reviews it now appears that many smokers can stop smoking cigarettes by switching to e-cigarettes. This has no direct combustion, so there is no combustion of carbon monoxide and tar. There is combustion of some kind of liquid. Are you a smoker now and would you like to stop smoking cigarettes? Then view the e cigarette liquid store online.

Big data

technological developments

The records of patients used to be stored locally. In 2022, most patient data will be exchanged anonymously in a kind of large big data database. This database is huge and filled with data from patients all over the world. In many cases, little can be learned from individual data, but if this data is linked in a big data system, researchers can learn a lot from this. With the results of this big data analysis, patterns in certain diseases can be recognized. These can then help prevent the development of these diseases! The nice thing about big data analyzes is that they are still fairly in their infancy. The possibilities are endless and the medical world has only started to experience the benefits of these big data sets in recent years! So a lot is still possible.


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