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Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, SpaceX usually stands out for being an American company focused on aerospace transportation, founded by the creator of Hyperloop and Tesla and other companies, Elon Musk. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

We can say that it is a company that has achieved great notoriety in recent times for two significant reasons; one consists of the launch of the Crew Dragon Demo-2. At the same time, the other is the Starlink Project (which plans to launch satellites that manage to facilitate access to the internet globally).

Origin of SpaceX

The origin of SpaceX took place in 2002, when Elon Musk, its founder, along with some friends, decided to travel to Russia to acquire an intercontinental missile, which had been previously restored.

During that time, Musk was not trying to start such a business; instead, he wanted to find a way to use some of his fortunes to rekindle interest in funding both NASA and outer space exploration.

In this way, he was looking for some cheap rocket that he could use to send small animals and plants to Mars, bringing them back later.

However, his search did not achieve good results, so Musk decided to create his rocket. So, after a few months, he finally founded the company SpaceX.

What is Spacex all about?

SpaceX consists of a privately held U.S. company specializing in aerospace and space transportation services, with headquarters in California (United States).

As we have already pointed out, it was founded in 2002 and belonged to entrepreneur Elon Musk (who is recognized worldwide for being the founder of the electric car company Tesla); since its inception, it had the objective of reducing costs in terms of space transport and, at the same time, seeking the colonization of Mars.

What does this aerospace company do?

As we have mentioned, SpaceX is a company dedicated to aerospace travel, which has among its main objectives those discussed below:

  • To significantly reduce the costs of space travel and, at the same time, increase their flexibility by being able to reuse the rockets when they end a mission.
  • Achieve space travel whose primary purpose is to enable life within other planets, especially on Mars.

SpaceX is a company of great importance because, through its technology and innovation and its missions, it has demonstrated that it is possible to reuse rockets, which would mean considerable savings at the economic level when launching various missions into space.

The Falcon Heavy :

So far, the most relevant project carried out by SpaceX consists of the Falcon Heavy rocket, which has both a load capacity and a power greater than that of the Saturn V, a rocket created by NASA that participated in the Apollo missions aimed at the moon and launched in 1973 for the last time.

It should also be noted that the Falcon Heavy aims to carry a payload to low Earth orbit, where both the International Space Station and the Earth observation satellites are located.

It is also planned to be a reusable rocket so that after being launched, it can return to Earth to be used again in future missions.

Today, it is capable of carrying around 64 tons of cargo.

Finally, we can also say that the first mission of the Falcon Heavy had great popularity because Elon Musk, before sending it into space, decided to take advantage of this trip to transport a Tesla Roadster car, which will remain wandering around the cosmos.

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