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Are you a gamer? No matter the answer, whatever you give, I’m sure at some point you’ve played something on your mobile. The most famous games in recent years for mobile are Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

But remember the first game you saw on mobile? Maybe not. But first, let’s go a bit further back.

It is difficult to say which was the first video game in history because the story is broad. Many consider that the first was created in 1947, which simulated bombings with a box of Catholic tubes, and did not even have a name.

Games like chess came to him three in a row, but the industry was not yet born, and no one saw beautiful playing on television.

The game that gave birth to the video game industry :

Nowadays, video games generate much more money than cinema, and each release is a worldwide event, and downloads and sales are made in a matter of hours. But it wasn’t always this way.

The first to generate a lot of money and sales, which gave rise to the industry as we know it, is the game Odyssey, created in 1966 by Raph Baer, a game so simple and fun that it is even still played today.

The game’s success was tremendous, there were many copies, and everyone wanted to join the success. Something like Facebook currently.

An industry was born, from which Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Xbox, PlayStation and many others were born.

We went from going to some businesses in the United States and Mexico called “sparks” to download games of almost absolute reality and to having others on the tablet or mobile. We went from being weird to now being called ‘gamers’.

The video game industry on your mobile :

Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, released the first mobile game. It was the game of the viper that had to follow a square, and it came inside the system of the Nokia 6110.

The game was simple. While people were amazed by the Nintendo 64 games with their improved graphics, all inside a cartridge, Nokia, with this simple game, totally changed the use of mobiles forever.

Little by little, companies added games to their mobiles, Nokia launched Snake II, and the arcade games of the 80s were now in our small mobile phones.

But also, the video game companies of a lifetime joined the mobile market, and Sega took Super Monkey Ball from its console to mobile phones. Since then, companies have emerged that have succeeded with their mobile games. And beware, we are not talking about Full HD or 4K phones now, but about coloured pixels.

It’s not that mobile games are better today than they were, but games are now easier to find, download, and play than those before.

Casinos join the industry :

The casinos that we know all our lives, at least in television series and movies, are typical of Las Vegas, that city of light in the middle of Nevada, and Atlantic City, another city ‘of sin’.

Casinos are wise, take advantage of app stores’ benefits to create an application, and have launched online slot games that many want to play but can’t for economic reasons.

We see their advertising on television and how, within the law, they have brought the dream of casinos within reach of the palm of our hands.

Devices made for gaming :

Large companies know the importance of this industry. Not only them ourselves, when we look for devices, but we also choose one that guarantees the correct functioning of all the possible games that there are or will be on the market.

To mention a device, we will talk about a monstrous mobile: Acer Predator 6. Acer knows perfectly well the needs demanded by game lovers. This mobile has 10 MediaTek cores, 4 GB of RAM, and a size of 6 inches. It has a 4000 mAh battery, more than double the average.

It is ideal for video games that go beyond Angry Birds, and it is mobile-ready for any game and graphics.

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