Technology Management Write For Us

Technology Management Write For Us

Technology Management

Technology Management Write For Us

Technology Management Write For Us -Technology Management (GT) is conceived as organization technology development, its accomplishment and dissemination in the industrial and private sectors, public and society. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

In addition, it implies managing the innovation process through Research and Development (R&D), which includes introducing and using technology in products and industrial operations.

Functions of technology management

  • Integrate technology within the global objectives of the organization.
  • Quick and effective incorporation of new technologies for producing and distributing goods and services.
  •  Conception, negotiation, contracting and supervision of technology transfer from research units to production units.
  • Participate in commercialization and marketing activities and provide solutions to the problems posed by the markets.
  • Carry out prospective studies on the evolution of technologies.
  • Define the position of the organization regarding technological trends.
  • Overcome communication problems between management (and other operational areas) and the research and development function.
  • Integrate and motivate creative and innovative staff.

Manage research and development centres and teams

The technological package is the integrated technical knowledge, techniques and know-how necessary for producing goods and services. A distinction is made between soft technology and complicated technology.

Soft technology is the knowledge applied to the organisation’s management, the forms and methodologies used by the company to carry out its operations, and the administration of resources to obtain a product or service that meets customer expectations.

Technology Management is a process that leads to:

To develop, optimise and effectively use technological skills, management and available resources to fulfil the company’s mission, objective, strategies and operations.

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