What is a Haul? – Explore the World of Shopping and Fashion

Social networks are a window of information where we can learn about the variety of products for makeup or clothing products. A trend that has taken over the internet to promote and publicize stores and brands is shopping hauls, which allow you to express style, fashion, versatility, and elegance.

Why has it become so popular?


Many reasons have led haul shopping to become a trend, achieving great online popularity. Some of these are:

Popularity on social networks: Nowadays, these platforms are an excellent opportunity for stores or entrepreneurs to publicize the products they sell. In this case, from buyers or influencers on networks who tell their experiences through videos on various networks.

Inspiration to create outfits: Social networks, without a doubt, are tools that allow people to learn about the variety of clothing and products available. From this, incredible styles can be created, revealing creativity, glamor, and originality.

Entertainment: Many influencers make this type of content, which is consumed a lot on networks by people who want to learn about a brand or pass the time.

Increase in sales: Many people enter the networks looking for information about a specific product, and luckily, content creators, in addition to showing what they purchase, also test them in their videos. Showing whether it is a good purchase or not, depending on this, people will feel confident when placing their order or going to the sales location.

Marketing and advertising: Stores and various brands have demonstrated the incredible reach of videos about hauls, so they do not miss the opportunity to contact creators of this type of content to make themselves known to a much larger audience.

Characteristics of a haul

This type of video has various characteristics that have made it a viral phenomenon :

  • Various products are presented: The shopping hauls include a wide variety, ranging from clothing, makeup, and cosmetics to books, electronic devices, and much more.
  • Opinions and comments: One of the most interesting parts of hauls is the buyers’ opinions. Which usually rates and recommends the products depending on their results regarding functionality and quality. In addition, they reveal some vital information, such as the price and whether it is worth the investment.
  • Recent purchases: the most common thing is that hauls are made immediately after purchase. It is being able to appreciate the initial emotions of the buyer.
  • Requires editing, video, and photography work: TikTokers, in particular, often invest time in presenting their content in the best possible way.
  • Product details: the content of the videos, as well as including the products themselves. Make known the prices, quality, pigmentation in the case of makeup, and any other relevant information in addition to the address and name of the store and the specific brands.
  • Own style: each author creates hauls personally, expressing their opinions and editions.
  • Network Inspiration: This content impacts consumers and inspires others who want to start creating social media content.
  • Interaction with the public: users can leave their comments, opinions, and questions, which can be answered by the creator, clarifying any doubts that may exist.

How have they become a trend online?


This has happened thanks to the popularity and receptivity that this type of content has had on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. It tries to publicize certain products recently purchased by the content creator. Being so diverse, it has been able to reach many people since it covers many products, such as:

  • Clothes
  • Makeup
  • Technological equipment
  • Home Furniture

It is beneficial for users of these platforms since they can listen to another person’s opinion about a purchase they wish to make. In addition, they can spend time browsing the merchandise in various stores. Hauls are like visiting a small part of a store virtually since you can hear through a third aspect, such as price, quality, and how it works.

Of course, the creator also gives his honest opinion about the items he has purchased, making it easier for his audience to make or not make a future purchase.

So many points in favor have made this content a trending phenomenon. Since it allows you to talk about your own experiences and interact with the public about said products, without a doubt, this trend will remain for a long time because many stores want to make themselves known, as well as the number of influencers who want to continue creating content.

What is a clothing haul?

This type of haul shows newly acquired accessories and clothing through videos. It should be noted that the content creator can give their opinion of the store they visited in general, highlighting some aspects such as the variety, prices, address, and customer service provided.

How is a clothing haul created?

  • First, you must go shopping, whether in online or physical stores. The chosen clothes vary depending on the season (winter, autumn, summer, or spring) or any occasion, such as a night out, for work, or casual.
  • After having all the clothes, preparing them for the video session is essential. They can be displayed individually or created in outfits, showing your creativity and style. Some, if they prefer, can choose to iron the clothes.
  • To present the clothes you can choose videos or photos. For this, a good and stable camera, lighting, and a small place suitable for recording or taking photographs are recommended. As the clothes are shown, comments are made about them. Codes can also be included if it is an online purchase or links to the store’s social networks.
  • It is valuable to show relevant content and remove irrelevant parts during editing. Likewise, other elements, such as music in the background or text that describes or provides information, can be added. Fashion tips can also be included to create impactful outfits.

What does a haul of clothes provide to viewers?

This content is beneficial to publicizing various garments, the places where they are sold, the quality, and, above all, the prices. Once the content creators try them on, they will say whether or not they are worth purchasing. This helps followers feel calmer when choosing a garment, accessories, or shoes.

Tips for creating a successful clothing haul

Many factors relate to the reach of a profile on Instagram or TikTok. Since it takes everything from great charisma and interaction skills to sound management of social networks, however, regarding hauls, following our advice here will be a great point in your favor to be very successful.

Select the right clothes

The hauls must match the theme or season. Depending on this, a large part of the objectives of this type of content will be successful—for example, increased sales.

Organize your haul in a structured way

This is an excellent step for content creation. All success involves work, and here we explain how to structure your content:

  • Present the theme of your haul.
  • Mention the name of the store and what inspired you to shop there.
  • Describe each product in detail.
  • Give your honest opinion about each one.
  • Add images to understand ​​the product better or compare it with others.
  • Give your statement after trying the items purchased.
  • Maintain neutrality.
  • Set the prices and if it is worth paying that amount.
  • Don’t forget to mention if the store has any discounts or promotions.
  • It gives a general summary of the entire purchase and the experience of trying them out.
  • Make recommendations as to what is worth it and what is not worth it.
  • Thank all your followers for following your content.
  • Ask them to comment on their favorite product or if they have any questions.
  • Finish by mentioning all your social networks.

Be honest and authentic in your comments

The transparency with which you give your opinion about each product is precious. Since sincerity will provide credibility to the channel or profile that uploads the photos or videos, in addition to generating trust for possible purchases by followers.

Add additional value to your haul

Some extra data that can add a lot to the videos, photographs, or blogs are the following:

  • Advises on how to get the most out of the products in the best possible way.
  • It provides different price options, seeking to ensure that the garments or accessories can be accessible to the general public without losing quality.
  • Promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products that can have a second chance. Second-hand hauls are ideal for this.
  • Add tips to create a super fashionable look.
  • Generate content for all audiences since each person’s tastes can vary and be versatile. Don’t stay in one place!
  • Live broadcasts are a great option to publicize a haul in the most honest way possible. In addition, it allows you to interact with the public.
  • Give neutral and based opinions; this way, you will gain the trust of your followers.
  • Put your personal touch on it! Don’t be afraid to show your style; that is part of your essence.

Examples of haul in fashion

Seasonal clothing: to show the latest clothing, makeup, or accessories trends. Depending on the season, there are incredible outfits or clothes to offer. From summer or spring dresses to the best autumn looks or winter coats.

Small stores: hauls are a great option to promote sales and publicize small businesses.

Second-hand clothing: Many stores sell used clothing in excellent condition and at amazing prices. A great advantage is getting spectacular or brand-name clothing at a meager cost. In addition, they may have old clothing for sale with which you can create unique, classic, and glamorous styles—giving a new opportunity to a garment.

Party clothes: It is expected that when TikTokers or creators on other platforms are going to attend an important event such as a wedding, birthday, or meeting, they go out in search of the best clothes.

Sports style: for lovers of sports and healthy living, there are also hauls with very comfortable and fresh clothing put to the test.

Basic clothes: This haul is one of the most popular since basic clothes are in every closet. This content includes a wide variety ranging from essential flannels to inexpensive but quality jeans.


Shopping hauls, a booming trend on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, offer diverse insights into clothing, makeup, tech, and furniture. These videos serve as virtual shopping experiences, providing quality and functionality insights. Thriving on entertainment and brand marketing, hauls, with characteristics like product details and opinions, are set to shape the online landscape. Expect this trend to persist, driven by creator experiences and brand engagement.

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